Meet Jill

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

My name is Jill Jablonski (Juh-BLAHN-skee ... see it's not that hard! ;) and I'm a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, certified Crystal Healer, certified Reiki Master, experienced Astrologer and Tarot & Oracle reader.


I founded Soul Spark Healing & Guidance in 2017 and made it my mission  to empower you to embody and love your authentic self, step into your personal power, and deepen your connection to the Divine aligning you with your Soul's Purpose.

I grew up in a toxic, dysfunctional and invalidating family environment where I frequently feared my parents' explosive anger, random emotional outbursts, and physical punishments. The saddest part is, I HAD NO IDEA that I didn't have a healthy childhood!!


I was always told I was “too sensitive”, that I took things the wrong way, so I thought my unhappiness was my fault. I also had no idea the kind of damage I would sustain emotionally, energetically and psychologically as a result of my “normal” childhood. I unknowingly suffered from anxiety and depression, and engaged in self-harming and self-hating behaviors such as binge drinking, eating disorders, and other risky behaviors at a young age, but again, I didn't realize these feelings and behaviors weren't normal.

I seemed to be just like my emotionally erratic mother and my workaholic father who only showed up for the aftermath of the drama, was constantly telling me she was right and I was wrong, forcing me to apologize to her….so this must be normal, right?

I frequently ended up with men who would come on strong and then push me away. They would blame me and I would respond by apologizing and begging them to tell me what I had done wrong so that I could change to suit them. Constant drama and chaos!

I felt hopeless and lost during my early adult life - directionless, purposeless, powerless, and faceless. I followed the rules for the most part though I was far from perfect, always trying to please the authority figures in my life and gain their approval (read “love”). I was always putting everyone else's needs and feelings ahead of my own, especially in my romantic relationships, to be who everyone needed me to be.


I was an anxious mess, timid and afraid of everyone and everything, but at the same time, I had this unexplainable anger inside me! For many years of my life, I lived in this intense emotional chaos, going through the motions of trying to meet everyone's expectations of me, sometimes breaking out into angry outbursts but each time ultimately relenting and acquiring another false layer over my soul in order to feel acceptable and worthy of love, driving my authentic self deeper and deeper into the shadows. 

When I was 19 and in college, I somehow mustered the confidence to begin to pursue my lifelong dream of owning a horse. I started to ride and learn about how to care for them and in the process, met an interesting woman at an out of state horse show who happened to own the very rare breed of horse that I knew I had to have. She invited me to visit her farm – which happened to be only 10 minutes from my home! Can you say synchronicity? - and we became fast friends.

I spent 3 wonderful years with her learning to ride the majestic Friesians that she owned and trained, in exchange for working on the farm and her promise to help me realize my dream of owning one. It was up to that point, the happiest time in life. Tragically, on the most beautiful October day not long after she kept her promise to me in the year 2000, at 53 years old, she passed away of natural causes and unfortunately, I was the one who found her. I was only 25, and not nearly emotionally mature enough to handle the situation in a healthy way.

This devastating trauma sent me into a grief-stricken tailspin. If it hadn’t been for my sweet, little baby horse, Gabriel, I don’t know what I would’ve done. I knew that I needed to stay (alive) to raise her and take care of her and so I began my spiritual journey to see if I could make sense of what happened, and make life tolerable enough to continue on for Gabriel’s sake. I needed to know how this could happen. I needed to know if God really hated me the way that I thought he might. I felt he must be punishing me for defying my parents, going against their wishes and realizing my equestrian dreams. I needed to find a way through the grief, despair and anger I felt at losing my dear and beloved friend, the one who showed me the only unconditional love I had known up to that point. ​

Over the past 2+ decades, I have made it my life’s mission to acquire the knowledge, expertise, wisdom and experience to heal my grief, my anxiety, and my anger; and through this process I also healed my connection to the Divine. I have worked to peel off those years and years of false layers, and fully embody my authentic Empathic self, aligning to the purpose of my Soul!

I learned that it wasn’t my fault that I was anxious, angry, and what most called “overly sensitive”, but I also realized that it IS my responsibility to increase my self awareness around these issues and do the personal work to do better and be better. I learned that this is what it means to be an emotionally mature and responsible adult – it’s not about being perfect according to everyone else’s standards and values, but to grow and evolve into the best version of myself, extending myself the love, compassion, and validation that I didn’t receive as a child.

I’m also happy to say that I realized that my parents didn’t intentionally hurt me. They themselves were victims of their own childhood trauma, and while this doesn’t excuse their abusive behavior, it has helped me to recognize the generational and ancestral patterns, to recognize their humanity, to feel compassion for the abused children that they were, and to forgive them when they offered their sincere regrets and apologies. My father has since passed, and I feel blessed and honored to have witnessed and helped him through that transition. My mother and I now enjoy a close relationship with healthy boundaries. I love them both very much. 

It would be my absolute honor to stand beside you and support you on your journey with the proven tools and techniques that have helped me to grow and evolve on my path. When you work with me as your Coach, I use a unique blend of Crystal Healing, Reiki, your personal Astrology, and Tarot guidance to help support you in meeting your goals. My mission in life is to decrease the suffering and pain of my sister Empaths. I know how excruciating it is to go through life that way and I promise you, I can help you feel better!

I’d like to invite you to schedule a chat with me. I want to gift you 30 minutes of my time to answer all your questions about what I do. There’s no obligation to sign up for anything and if it’s not a “Hell yes!” for both us, you don’t ever have to hear from me again! On the other hand, if you’re ready to finally invest in yourself for once, if you’re sick of struggling and suffering through life, we can initiate the healing process and have you beginning to feel better in as little as 30 days.  


My educational background and titles include:

Certified Professional Coach

Advanced Coach Certified

Certified Spiritual Coach

Certified Life Coach

Certified Relationship Coach

Certified Crystal Healer

Certified Reiki Master Teacher


Tarot & Oracle Reader

Master of Arts in Education

Bachelor of Science in Biology