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Certified Spiritual Life Coach

My name is Jill Jablonski (Juh-BLAHN-skee ... see it's not that hard! ;) and I'm a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, certified Crystal Healer, certified Reiki Master, experienced Astrologer and Tarot & Oracle reader.


I founded Soul Spark Healing & Guidance in 2017 and made it my mission  to empower you to embody and love your authentic self, your soul, enabling you to rediscover the joy of life.

I grew up in a toxic and dysfunctional family, suffered from anxiety and depression, and engaged in toxic behaviors and relationships for years. I know what it's like to feel lost - directionless, purposeless, powerless, and faceless. I know what it's like to put everyone else's needs and feelings ahead of my own, and to be who everyone needs me to be. For many years of my life, I lived in a numb state just going through the motions of trying to meet everyone's expectations of me, each time acquiring another false layer over my soul in order to feel acceptable, driving my authentic self deeper and deeper into the shadows. 

But since my spiritual awakening in October 2000, I have been working to acquire the knowledge, expertise, wisdom and experience to heal myself, peel off those false layers and fully embody my soul, allowing my authentic self to shine! The modalities that have helped me heal the most are Reiki, Crystal Healing, Astrology, Tarot, and Coaching. I work hard everyday on my healing, to allow Spiritual Alchemy to work its magic in my life - to turn my lead into gold, and learn the lessons I need to learn from my experiences.


It would be my honor to support you in your healing as well! 

My educational background and titles include:

Certified Spiritual Coach

Certified Life Coach

Certified Relationship Coach

Certified Crystal Healer

Certified Reiki Master Teacher


Tarot & Oracle Reader

Master of Arts in Education

Bachelor of Science in Biology


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