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Soul Spark

April 26, 2017

The New Moon in Taurus is upon us! Time for intention setting and getting focused on my goals for the next month. I sat down with my cards this morning to get in tune with where I need to direct my energy now. If it is not already obvious, I am just starting my business and thought the New Moon spread could help me get organized and give me a heads up as to where I might run into some challenges during this new moon period in Taurus. Taurus represents the things in our life that we value, not only financially or materially but also our inner selves. How we use our possessions and/or gifts to make our way in the world is also covered under Taurus' realm. Read on to see what the cards had to say! (Picture of card layout is below. Deck used is Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan)

What intention do I need to set for my highest good this month?

The 4 of Cups (left) popped up in the first position, telling me that I need to recognize the opportunity being handed to me and take hold of it!!! This is v...

April 8, 2017

Ok, let's face it, Tarot reading is one of those things that the general public has certain ideas or notions about and they are most likely outdated or flat out wrong. Tarot has been featured in movies and TV shows and usually at a point in the story when the writers needed to predict death and disaster with the news being delivered by a mysterious Gypsy-type woman sitting in a dark room with a crystal ball on the table. For others who consider themselves religious, they might believe the Tarot to be something evil or from the Devil. It's really not as cheesy and definitely not as malevolent as all that. Let's talk about what Tarot really is and how it can help you in your life. First, just a few facts about it's history to give you a bit of background. 

In the past several decades, the Tarot has seen a significant increase in popularity and as a result, hundreds of books have been written, each one of them taking at least one chapter to outline the history of T...

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