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June 30, 2017

This weekend's message comes via one of my absolute favorite decks, the Animal Totem Tarot by Robertson and Smith. Having such a deep love of animals, this deck just speaks to me so easily. I really love working with it. I also pulled some additional advice from another favorite, Farmer's Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides. 

The 10 of Swords looks gruesome, doesn't it??? Not to fear, the suit of Swords has to do with our thoughts, ideas, and what's going on with us mentally; and the number 10 in numerology is the pinnacle, peak, or completion of something. In this case, are you the kind of person who sometimes lets your thoughts run wild? Do you run through every scenario in your head before actually, if ever, taking any action? Are there things that you tell yourself that keep you from living up to your potential? Well, stop it already! You may be ready to finally stop listening to those thoughts that hold you back. Maybe they played an important role in your life at one time, but...

June 26, 2017

We are still feeling the energies of last Friday's New Moon in Cancer and this reading illustrates that perfectly! New Moons are all about beginnings and Cancer holds all things homey and nurturing close to her sensitive, watery heart! 

I drew four cards - three  from The Herbal Tarot by Tierra and Cantin and one from Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle by Farmer. 

This week, you will need to rely on your inner Strength especially in regards to toppling anything old, worn out, or not serving your highest good. This could be ideas and values you have lived by for a long time, perhaps since childhood, and you're feeling like they're not working for you anymore, a relationship that doesn't seem to be nurturing you or moving in the direction you want to go, or a dead-end job that feels like it's killing your soul. The World shows us that you've come to a point of completion. It may be that conditions are or have been harsh for awhile and it won't be easy to bring that id...

June 22, 2017

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice. I had the privilege of participating in a powerful Solstice ceremony with a few other radiant souls and a very talented shaman named Kerry Jewel Koenig, The Indigo Crow. As we honored the Mothers of each direction of the Medicine Wheel, I felt the energies flow through with each, however, while we were honoring the South, the fire energies flowing through were so strong, I felt like I was going to be lifted right off the Earth! I knew right then and there, Fire was working through me most powerfully in my life as I chase the light! I have been drawn to participate more and more in situations that shine with the light of love and compassion for all beings in the past several years, slowly (and sometimes painfully!) emerging from the cocoon of introversion that I shrouded myself in for many years. I know this has been incubating in me for a long, long time. I had to figure who the hell I am! And I have felt increasingly drawn to the flame, just like my...

June 19, 2017

Your Week Ahead reading for the week of June 19th! Daughter of Fire shows you are ready to start a new phase in your life or take on a new identity. She sends her smoke up to the Universe to signal you are ready! By midweek though, it could be that old thought patterns represented by the 9 of Air come creeping up in the back of your mind setting off anxiety and self-defeating thoughts. XV Torment warns not to let those outdated thoughts or your ego mind take over and bind you or paralyze you into inaction. Mother of Air says to detach a little, get above it like Eagle does and view the bigger picture to see how far you've come and keep soaring forward! 
(Deck is Vision Quest by Sylvie and Dose)

June 16, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! It's Father's Day Weekend and Neptune has gone retrograde, dropping the illusions and clearing the fog. And with 2 Major Arcana popping up in our weekend reading, it may be that sh!t's about to get real! 

Justice wields her sword of truth this weekend which totally aligns with Neptune Rx, cutting away those illusions to see the truth of the situation. Lady Justice takes a fair and balanced approach to the events that play out. Try to be objective and treat others fairly so that you can bank that good karma! Judgement calls on us to forgive when it is necessary, not for them, but for yourself. As many of you know, I recently lost my father so this weekend is a bit tough for me this year. Just before my father passed, while he could still speak he said to me, with tears in his eyes and his voice cracking, "I did the best I could" and he was specifically referring to being a father. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it's difficult to remember that we're all human...

June 5, 2017

Do you find yourself banging your head against somebody else’s wall? Well, turn around and go your own way! (See what I did there! ;) Your week may start off slowly but you’ll be headed in the right direction. You’re not going to let someone else’s walls hold you in much longer. You may have had to don your armor, but you will also be called on to rely on your wits and wisdom to get you through, and you can only do that successfully when you know how to keep your emotions in check so that they don’t flood the environment and drown everyone and everything in their path. You let them out just a bit at a time, only as much as you know those around you can handle, the rest you keep safely dammed up inside. Just beware of damming them up to the point that people are banging their heads against your walls!

By the end of the week, you will feel victorious! You will feel you have won the battle even though you know you’re still fighting the war. This victory will nourish you though and give you...

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