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Soul Spark

August 10, 2018

Here we are, at the 3rd  and last eclipse of this season! If you’ve made it this far, you’re in good shape because this upcoming New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse on August 11th at 5:57 am EDT will be a bit gentler than the Full Moon in Aquarius/Lunar Eclipse of July 27th. 

After diving deep in Cancer with the first eclipse of early July, the second eclipse 2 weeks later asked us to balance Leo expression with Aquarian humanitarianism to take what we found in our souls out into the world and do some good. Hopefully, you’ve taken the time to integrate these lessons and you and your community have benefited. 

Now we are being asked to again reflect back on ourselves just as the Moon will stand between the Earth and Sun and reflect his light right back to him. In this way, she becomes a mirror for consciousness and in an almost intervention-like fashion, Mercury - currently in Retrograde, and the asteroid Pallas take this stand with the Moon, supporting her bid to remind the Sun to check i...

January 11, 2018

Mercury’s ingress into Capricorn last night had me waking up this morning already thinking about my to do list! Mercury in Capricorn is very practical, wants to put things in order, plan ahead and put those ideas into motion so this is the energy we will be dealing with for the rest of January. As most of you know, I’ve been working towards getting my Crystal Healing Certification and this past Saturday, I completed 2 of my 3 required volunteer sessions. It was AMAZING! Not only did I feel so prepared and ready to conduct the sessions, my volunteers were so open and ready to receive and that made it even more incredible! They came out of their sessions having felt the powerful energy of the crystals, feeling more relaxed and energized than ever! Blockages were removed and chakras balanced, ready and able to once again tackle life’s challenges head on! So this week, Mercury in Capricorn has had me thinking and planning ahead, working on my essays, organizing and typing up materials to g...

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