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Frozen Leaves

Tap into your magical Goddess flow by becoming more of who you ARE!

Private & Group Coaching Support 
for the deeply spiritual woman in realizing her
heart's desires!



Confidence, courage, intuition and trusting the Divine sounds good in theory but putting them into practice to achieve your dreams is a whole different story.

You’ve been led to believe that having your heart's desires takes hard work, sacrifice, struggle and doing things that feel inauthentic or unnatural to your natural rhythms.

This is not natural or authentic!

It would be like trying to convince or brainwash an acorn to become a mountain, instead of the mighty Oak it was authentically meant to be.


When you try to achieve your dreams from this energy, failures and disappointments, obstacles and challenges feel like personal attacks from the Universe and cause you to feel self doubt and uncertainty....sound familiar??? 

Imagine knowing every day beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Universe absolutely has your back.

Imagine having the certainty that you have everything you need within you to create the life you want, to make your dreams a reality. 

You feel whole and complete, confident and capable of relating to life from a place of openness, trust, and authenticity….


Feeling in union with the Divine and an unquestionable recognition of the divine within you….


Being so in tune with your spiritual source of inspiration so that your consciousness is always being guided by your intuition…


What would it be worth to you to live life straight from your soul?


Imagine striding courageously forward on your path empowered and inspired by the knowledge that you are a

*Master of Spiritual Creation*


 A visionary with such an innovative perspective that when you set your sights on a far off horizon, the challenges morph into opportunity


And when you look in the mirror every morning, you see the creator of your future, a living bridge between matter and Spirit.

I know, I know....I can hear you saying, "But I've done a lot of work on myself, a lot of healing, read a lot of books, and I've accomplished a lot, but for some reason, I'm feeling stuck!"

Here’s the hard truth:

  • You’re not 100% fully committed to your dream because some part of you doesn’t feel ready or worthy of such magic

  • You still see obstacles and challenges as “proof” or a “sign” that the Universe is working against you or doesn’t support your dream

  • You’re waiting for “clarity” and in the meantime, staying in your comfort zone (which is not authentic!), draining your energy with unproductive busyness based on actions that if you were truly honest with yourself, is only in service to keeping you distracted from the fears that you’re afraid to face.


Beautiful Soul, I love you,

and I will always speak truth to you!  

If you're tired of settling for your fate, and your truly ready to commit to your destiny, I invite you to

Work with me.

You have come a long way on our soul’s journey. I know you’ve healed many layers of conditioning to begin showing up in the world as your authentic self.


You are resilient and resourced both externally and internally and have achieved many great things that deserve to be honored; and yet, there’s that one thing that calls to your soul - you’re so sure it’s for you but there’s just something getting in the way and you’ve gone as far as you feel you can on your own.  

I've been there, Sister, and I know how frustrating & disheartening that feels. 

The beautiful truth is that we as humans, as women especially, we are made to achieve more when we support each other.

You are not weak for wanting support... on the contrary, you get STRONGER every time you ask for it! 


Take my outstretched hand & I will help you reconnect to your Higher Self and Source as we confront the shadows that stand between you and your dreams together, empowering you to strengthen your foundations body, mind, soul and Spirit.


I'll walk beside you as your inner knowing and trust in the support of the Universe is fortified to take focused, inspired, intuitive action towards making your dreams a reality.

And I'll be there to celebrate you as your great wings unfold and you ascend toward exponential soul growth in just 12 short weeks filled with powerful energetic, spiritual, and cosmic support!

When you enter this Sacred Alchemical Container, you get:


1 Full 90 minute Astrology Consultation including your Birth Chart, current Transits and current Solar Return energies 

8 60 minute private online coaching sessions that can include unlimited Astrological support based on your personal Astrology,  Tarot Spirit Guidance, as well as Shamanic practices 


2 45 minute Distance Energy Balancing sessions incorporating Crystal Healing, Reiki, Sound with tuning forks and/or drumming, Essential Oils, smoke cleansing & blessing, and other Shamanic and Earth Medicine practices.  

All services are provided online through Zoom and recordings of your coaching sessions can be provided as a courtesy as the technology cooperates.

Is your soul LONGING for life at this level??

Then let's talk. 

I invite you to take this most loving action for yourself & click the button below to Contact Me to schedule a time for a deep conversation.

It's 30 minutes of my time... FREE.


Let's see if it feels right to work together in making your dreams come true! 

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