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I teach classes as well!

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Shamanic Energy Session

Balance Your Chakras

Remove Energetic Blockages

Relax, rejuvenate, and realign your energies with a Shamanic Energy Session!

As Empaths, we tend to carry early emotional wounds as well as take on energy from our environment that is toxic and debilitating.


As you relax on my Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Jade Far Infrared Heated BioMat, I will help you to clear energetic blockages and restore the natural, healthy flow of your life energies utilizing Shamanic healing techniques, Crystals, Reiki, Sound healing, smoke cleansing, essential oils, and any other Spirit helpers that come through on your behalf.


In-person or Distance

90 min sessions include 60 mins on the table with 15 mins before and after to set your intention for healing and debrief /share your experience afterward.


Email me at SoulSparkHG@gmail.com

for payment & scheduling.

Astrology Consultations

Understand Yourself

Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Empaths sometimes have a difficult time understanding themselves due to long histories of being conditioned to suppress their own intuition and live by the values of other people in their lives. 

A Natal Chart Reading, a snapshot of  the heavens at the moment you were born, helps you to rediscover yourself, the person you came into this life to be, and WHY. It can provide much needed clarity on what your soul's purpose on Earth is in this lifetime.

Other chart readings include Solar Return (Birthday Reading) and Progressions or the soul's evolution to this point in your life.


In-person or Distance

Up to 90 mins

Starting at $200

Email me at SoulSparkHG@gmail.com for payment & scheduling. 

Tarot Guidance

Reveal the Messages  Your Guides Want You to Know NOW

Our Guides are always trying to communicate with us and guide us for our highest good towards our soul's potential.


It's just that sometimes we don't know how to hear them!

Receive the messages your Guides most want you to know right now. Gain clarity on the current situation and what's holding you back, understand what lead to this point, and get direction on how to move forward. 

I am a clairaudient and clairsentient intuitive, meaning I hear messages and feel emotions.


In-person or Distance

$65 for up to 30 mins

$125 for up to 60 mins

Email me at SoulSparkHG@gmail.com

for payment & scheduling.