Full Moon in Aries: RISE & SHINE!

Full Moon at 28 Aries October 20, 2021

10:57 am Eastern

6:57 am Pacific

Approx. 2:57 pm Thursday Oct 21st Down Under

As we look at the energies involved with a Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon will be occupying opposite signs on an axis. The goal is to find a balance between the highest expression of both of these signs, in this case, Libra & Aries.

Full Moons are the culmination of the energies we experience from the previous New Moon and always ask us to determine in a sense what is working and what is not working when it comes to our intentions for that period. Revisit your intentions from the New Moon in Libra that occurred 2 weeks ago on October 6th to determine what is not supporting you in progressing towards seeing that intention come fully into fruition.

(If you know your chart, you can look at the houses this lunation will be occurring in to find specifically which areas of your life you will be asked to balance. Or contact me to schedule your personal Astrology Consultation.)

On the one end, we have the Sun and Mars hanging out together in Libra. Libra is an Air sign and strives for beauty and harmony. It aims for balance and is inherently concerned with fairness and justice and especially in the way we relate to others, however, neither the Sun nor Mars feel very strong in Libra. The Sun is the conscious expression of our authentic light and Mars is how we act on our individual will in the world. What happens here is that sometimes relationships get unbalanced in some way. We may be compromising too much, not wanting to outshine someone else, not standing up for ourselves in what we want or don’t want, taking on too much responsibility that isn’t ours to begin with. Maybe we’re being fickle or indecisive which is contributing to us being taken advantage of in some way.

The Moon is illuminating the fiery Aries side of this lunation and as it opposes the Sun & Mars in Libra, it is asking us to determine whether our wants and desires in life are being met. Is our confidence and self esteem where we need it to be? Are we in our power and taking inspired action on behalf of our own goals or are we taking action on behalf of others and letting our own dreams wither and die? As human beings, we’re hardwired for connection but every once in a while, it’s good to check in on ourselves to make sure that we’re being interdependent in our relationships and not codependent, especially if we’ve experienced some level of trauma in our life (which most of us have!) that can make us susceptible to behaving in codependent ways.

Pluto is squaring this lunation from his position in Capricorn where he is now moving forward from his recent retrograde. And with Mercury now direct as well, we may have the clarity of mind to see things as they are more than we could a couple of weeks ago when Mercury was in the midst of his retrograde.

From Pluto’s vantage point on top of the mountain, look through his powerful, penetrating eyes to get a glimpse of the big picture. Envision yourself above the situation and with an idea of what you want your life to look like, see what it is that needs to be let go of or changed in order for you to take better care of yourself, to nurture yourself so that you have the energy, confidence and will to take inspired action on YOUR dreams and goals. Some innovation may be necessary but we don’t know that looks like until we know what’s working and what’s not.

Look at your daily habits and patterns – are you consistently making choices every day that bring you into alignment with who you are and what you want? Or are you stuck in a pattern of people-pleasing and making decisions for YOUR life based on what OTHERS think is important? Start choosing YOU – EVERY DAY - and then allow space for the Universe to support you. Trust that you are being supported in being the fullest expression of your authentic self because THAT is your true destiny. THAT is why your soul came to this Earth.

If you wish to ritualize this lunation, include some FIRE!! This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re experiencing Autumn – what a wonderful time for a campfire! If you can’t do a campfire, a simple candle will do. Try writing down the things you know you need to let go or things that are not working for you, then light the paper on fire as you say "I release, I release, I release". Afterward, recite some “I am” affirmations as "I am" is the Aries mantra!! Some examples are “I am confident”, “I am powerful”, “I am manifesting my best life”, or whatever resonates for you! Extra points if you bring that Mars energy in and dance around that fire!

If you’d like to incorporate crystals, Onyx is a good personal power stone.

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