Full Moon in Leo: WHO ARE YOU?

The first Full Moon of this new year is in Leo, occurring on the 10th degree on Thursday January 28th at 2:16pm EST (adjust for your time zone).

Full Moons always represent the culmination or the full blossoming of energies and so it is at this peak in our monthly journey that we ask ourselves, what has become burdensome, and if carried forward, would resign me to my fate? What is weighing on me? What must I put down, let go of, or release on my journey forward towards my destiny or calling?

Full Moons also, because they occur in two opposite signs, are always asking us to balance the polarity. Have we gone too far one way and what do we need to release and embody to come back to center?

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On the one hand, we have this warm and inspiring, fiery Leo moon. We may feel the desire to set ourselves apart from others, take the stage and use our unique strengths, leadership and creativity in a way we never have or rarely have before. We may have a need to feel valued and appreciated for what we have to offer and with 4 planets in Aquarius including the Sun and Jupiter at the exact same degree, we feel compelled to exhibit that offering in some kind of big, visible way. There’s a need to be of service to the collective, to fulfill what we feel in our own way is a responsibility to humanity. However, the problem is in how much we identify with what we may recognize now as a false role or mask that we’ve embodied in order to feel valued by those around us. Do you remember in Alice in Wonderland, when she meets the Caterpillar and he asks her “WHO ARE YOU?!”…this is the vision that came to mind while I was meditating on this lunation. So many times, we behave in certain ways because that is what is expected of us by parents, authority figures, societal expectations. Or we’re trying to fill a role in someone’s life because that’s what we think they need. Maybe we act a certain way because we’re afraid we won’t be loved for who we really are.

Now is the time to step back and ask yourself:

What archetypes or roles have I been embodying? Can I name them?

Do those archetypes and roles really reflect my true nature, who I really am?

What other archetypes and roles are a more honest and authentic reflection of my soul?

What characteristics or behaviors do I need to release from the old archetype and which ones do I need nurture in order to embody my more authentic role in order to be of true service to the world?

There’s a real opportunity here to heal some deep wounds around who you really are in the world and how you identify if you can put in the time and effort to genuinely turn inward for a solid reassessment of yourself.

Realize, this may strain some of your relationships. With Venus having caught up with Pluto in Capricorn, you may experience some power struggles as you begin to step into a more empowered version of yourself. You may feel the need to set new boundaries and this, coupled with new behaviors, may throw some people for a loop. They may not understand however, some clear, mature, and matter of fact communication may just set things right. They don’t have to understand you, just respect you.

Note that you don’t have to make a bunch of changes all at one time. Mars and Uranus in Taurus squaring this Full Moon in Leo may feel like it’s pushing you to go faster than you feel you have the energy for. Pace yourself, take baby steps, be open to new information, and rely on your spiritual practice and compassion for yourself to know when and how to move forward on this journey.

If you enjoy ritual, ritualize this fiery Full Moon in Leo in a creative way. Drawing a picture of what you want to let go of or the role you wish to release and then burning it (responsibly!) comes to mind. And it’s okay if you can’t draw – give the role a name such as The Fixer or The Caretaker, write that on your paper and burn it. This incorporates the fire of Leo and the smoke represents the air of Aquarius. Then spend some time in meditation vividly visualizing yourself successfully being the person you know your soul came here to be. You can give that archetype/role a name and perhaps make a vision board of it to remind you everyday of the intention to be your most authentic self.

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