Full Moon in Libra: Me versus We

The Full Moon this month occurs on the 9th degree of Libra Sunday March 28th at 2:48 pm EDT (adjust for your time zone).

Full Moons always represent the culmination or the full blossoming of energies and so it is at this peak in our monthly journey that we begin to assess our situation, express deep and sincere gratitude for the abundance we have been blessed with, and decide what is not working and needs to be released.

Full Moons also, because they occur in two opposite signs, are always asking us to balance a polarity. Have we gone too far in one direction? What do we need to release or adopt to come back into balance?

This Full Moon at 9 Libra faces off with the Sun at 9 Aries, but the Sun is not alone. He’s brought friends. Venus and Chiron are occupying the exact same degree as the Sun and Venus as the ruler of this Full Moon, is even more consequential.

Venus however is not very comfortable in Aries. As Libra’s ruler, Venus is all about relationships, cooperation, diplomacy, harmony, and compromise – Aries is literally the opposite of all of these! Aries, who is Mars-ruled, is concerned with the self, is confident, self-assured, and assertive. Aries knows exactly what it wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

As Venus in Aries is learning these qualities of confidence and self-assuredness in relationships, the Sun and Chiron have her back, supporting her in healing issues around not standing up for yourself in relationships, not having boundaries, and not knowing your needs. There is healing available for learning how to be a strong, confident, assertive individual and create balanced, harmonious relationships in which each person’s needs are met.

Mars and the North Node in Gemini connecting with this lunation injects the bold energy to take the initiative in speaking your mind while Saturn connects to help you do this in a mature and responsible way.

Questions to ask yourself during this Full Moon in Libra:

Where am I compromising too much? What behaviors are not serving my highest good that I now need to release?

What are my needs in relationship? And how do I communicate them to my partner in mature way?

What is surfacing right now in my relationships to be healed?

As this is a Full Moon in an air sign, you can ritualize this lunation by spending some time thinking about and then journaling or speaking your intentions. Burn incense and send your intentions up with the smoke. Infuse your intentions into paints and create a visual image of your intentions. Get creative about honoring the strong individual within a balanced and harmonious relationship!

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