Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July4th/5th, 2020 - The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living

Eclipses exert powerful cosmic forces that apply pressure to different areas of our lives depending on where in the zodiac they occur. They can accelerate our evolutionary growth by leaps and bounds by pushing the weak areas to their breaking point or tempering others like a blacksmith’s red-hot steel being plunged into cold water. This pressure and its consequences can be perceived by us as either negative or positive, but always serves a higher purpose.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is the 3rd and final eclipse of this midyear eclipse season and occurs on the 14th degree of Capricorn on July 5th, 2020 12:44 am EDT. To find how this eclipse will affect you personally, find the 14th degrees (13’37”) of Capricorn and Cancer in your birth chart. Full moons always demand that we find some type of balance between two opposing forces, and this one is no different. With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, the latter currently still in retrograde motion, we are being asked to find balance between compassion, emotional warmth, and security for all beings and cold, hard separation based on the primitive ideologies to which those in power stubbornly cling. On a personal level, one way this could show up is as conflicts between family commitments and work responsibilities, or perhaps even the division of household chores needing some tweaking. This is perfectly understandable since many of us find ourselves having to work from home currently. These circumstances may be taking their toll as the lines blur between family time and work time, and hurt feelings may rise to the surface. Additionally, some could feel as though they want to break free from the expectations and demands of parents/authority figures that have had too much say or control in their lives. The call for more autonomy may be strong and there is an opportunity here to feel like your working with Divine Timing in tuning back into your personal truth and transformation. It’s time to wrest back the power you once gave away to others and stand in your own power. However, be aware that with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, it’s easy to slip into passive aggressive behavior and communication. Don’t expect anyone to read your mind! Express your feelings in a controlled and mature way. Use “I” statements. When asking for your needs to be met, do so with the understanding that everyone has free will. If your needs are continually not getting met in a certain situation even after you made clear requests, you have every right to choose to leave that situation to find one that better meets your needs. This is how you take back your power.

On the world stage, the call for the breakdown, transformation and rebuilding of old, archaic systems in favor of more compassionate structures continues. We are still being asked by Divine energies to take care of each other, conduct ourselves with compassion and consideration for everyone, and to continue to use our voices to advocate for those who do not experience the luxury of white privilege.

Here are just a few questions to ask yourself to help you apply these energies to your life:

What beliefs am I using to make important decisions in my life? From where or whom did those beliefs originate from? When I think about that belief now, does it still resonate as truth to me?

Where in my life am I succumbing to guilt trips or allowing boundary violations? Where in my life or to whom is it difficult for me to say “no”?

How am I letting other people’s behavior or moods determine what kind of day I have?

Answering these questions and other exercises in self-reflection and awareness are the first steps to making positive changes. Use the cosmic force of this Mercury retrograde and these powerful eclipses to begin or continue that process towards a more authentic and fulfilling life. When you do this, it benefits the world! It is at this time that I am reminded of the words of the great philosopher Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn continues the work of breaking down the obsolete in favor of building new, more equitable societal structures. Whether these forces are presenting for you personally or you are witnessing them on the world stage, everyone is being asked in some way to increase compassion and consideration, express feelings in a mature and dignified way, and reorganize systems -be they at home, work, or society at large - so that EVERYONE benefits.

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