Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius - Breaking the chains!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 6 Sagittarius occurs on May 26, 2021 at 7:14 am ET.

As with all Full Moons, we are being asked to give gratitude for the abundance we’ve experienced since our New Moon intentions 2 weeks ago and also to reflect on what’s not working, and release those things. This is especially true as this eclipse is a South Node eclipse meaning there is even more emphasis on the release aspect. Eclipse energies are deep and intense, so to truly get in touch with what you need to release, look to how your past keeps cropping up and blocking you, look to your childhood, and your ancestral mother line.

The South Node is currently in Sagittarius on the 11th degree, just 5 degrees away from the Full Moon. Just as the Full Moon always occurs on an axis, in other words, it’s an opposition between 2 signs, the Moon’s Nodes always occur on an axis as well so this Full Moon is almost exactly lining up with the Moon’s nodal axis. That makes this a VERY powerful lunation for letting go of what’s been holding us back on our path and pushing us forward toward our destiny.

In Sagittarius, the Moon is highlighting what we are being asked to let go of such as any tendency towards limiting beliefs, expanding ourselves in directions that are not authentic to our soul’s path, not listening to our intuition, not sharing the wisdom we’ve gained through our experiences, and pessimistic thought patterns.

The ruler of this lunation, Jupiter, who has just recently entered Pisces is forming a T-square with the Full Moon. Jupiter will be in Pisces for a couple of months before turning retrograde in June and returning for a quick dip back into Aquarius. In Pisces and challenging this lunation, as we release on the Sagittarius side and create new stories on the Gemini side, we are being asked at the same time to expand our faith and trust in our Higher Power, our psychic and intuitive skills, our higher love and compassion for others as well as ourselves, our spirituality, unity with the Divine, and our ability to flow with life, centered and peaceful in the midst of the chaos of life.

As Jupiter challenges this Full Moon from his location in Pisces, this might look like our unconscious patterns and reactions to triggers being AMPLIFIED! This is for the “soul” reason of bringing these conditioned responses directly into our awareness so that we can heal the energy around them. We must recondition ourselves to pause when these issues come up. When we can pause, then we are giving ourselves the opportunity to respond in a CONSCIOUS way, to make a conscious choice about what action we want to take, and ideally, we choose the action that moves us in a positive or productive direction, for our highest good. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is going to be assisting with this from May 29th to June 22nd . For example, perhaps you the unconscious pattern that crops up for you is a tendency towards victim mentality which might sound like “Why is this happening to me? It’s like the Universe is against me!”. When you notice yourself feeling or thinking this way, that’s when you need to pause – STOP right there and offer yourself some compassion first. Everyone goes through difficulties, and it’s okay to be sad about it. However, then you can make the conscious choice to have faith that the Universe or your Higher Power always has your back and is working in your favor at all times! Take a positive and productive action knowing that no matter how it turns out, that outcome is for your highest good because the Universe is always working for your highest good, whether you can see it or not. That’s what faith is.

Part of the action we need to get ready to take in the upcoming weeks as the next eclipse – the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th - is rewriting our story. Start thinking about what does your ideal life look like – you’re going to want to write that story, literally, visualize it, FEEL it in your body. What does it look like, what does it feel like, smell like, sound like and imprint that frequency into body by committing that feeling to memory. And then every day, start your day with that feeling, move through your day as if it already IS, make decisions that THAT YOU would make. When you can do this, you are embodying The Magician – you have a direct connection to the creative force of the Divine, and you have all the tools inside you to create the life you want, if you are willing to release what no longer serves and truly embody the transformation needed to be able to hold the frequency of that life that you want.

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