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Happy 11/11!

Happy 11/11!

Here in the U.S., it’s Veteran’s Day - So much love and gratitude to all the Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bowing in reverence to you.

This is also one of the most important master number portals that we get each month as the numbers repeat in the date. The other very important one being 8/8 in August, usually referred to as The Lion’s Gate.

These dates are always great opportunities to set intentions for what you want to manifest in your life and 11/11 reminds us that we are all connected to Source and have the power to co-create our lives in partnership with that energy.

Let’s break it down a bit.

The 11/11 energy at its foundation is the energy of ONE. Source, Creator, God energy, Magician energy in the Tarot. This is the cosmic creative energy of the Universe. The power to make manifest into matter what begins as a mere thought or idea. To bring something into form and structure “out of thin air”.

11 energy is our deep, soul-level connection to and embodiment of this Source energy. When our thoughts and our feelings are in sync, that is the magic formula for the manifestation that takes place with the Master number 22. (1+1=2/1+1=2 or 2/2 like February 2nd!)

The Magician is associated with Mercury and Air and is therefore the “mind” part of the manifestation process.

You’ve got to get your mind right before you can create what you want in your life.

The number 11 also embodies TWO energy (1+1=2) – The High Priestess.

Ruled by the Moon, this is our intuition, our connection to our feelings, and our ability to receive the secrets of the Universe, the mysteries, the magic! It’s that feminine principle of flow, not force. She is the one who moves easily back and forth across the veil.

Listening, trusting, FEELING in her body when it’s right to take action and when to sit back and let the Universe work its magic.

This FEELING part of the process gets overlooked as we spend so much time in our heads, dissociated from our bodies but you must get in touch with and embody the FEELING of your intention in order for the manifestation process to occur.

And then obviously, we have Justice as the number 11 card in the Tarot deck which helps us in balancing, harmonizing, and integrating the Magician and High Priestess energies. Justice assists us in remaining objective and detached about the outcome of our intention – an extremely important part of manifesting that often gets overlooked or ignored as well.

We are often very attached to whether or not we “get what we want” or we have a very specific way that we want things to turn out when we’re working on manifestation however, attachment generally leads to actions of force and control and where there is force and control, there can be no trust – that’s true for every relationship.

So essentially, what you’re saying to the Universe is “I don’t trust that you’ll come through for me or my highest good. This is what I want and I’m going to MAKE it happen and it’s going to look exactly this way.”

Many times, we’re not even aware that’s what we’re doing and so bringing awareness to the process is very important and that’s part of the ONE or Magician energy.

So how can you uplevel on 11/11 and get started on the right foot with any intentions that you’d especially like to manifest by 2/2 or February 2nd (which is Imbolc for those who celebrate!)?

· Write down your intention.

· Spend time in meditation visualizing your intention coming to fruition. Focus not only on what it looks like, but how does it FEEL – what are the EMOTIONS associated with manifesting this intention??

· At the same time, bring your awareness to any feelings of attachment around the outcome. I always like to add the words “this or something better” to my intentions. This automatically detaches my ego from the outcome, allowing room and space for myriad possibilities and miracles brought on for my highest good by the Universe that my human brain might not have ever been able to imagine!

· Step into that future timeline by acting “as if” it’s already happened. Express gratitude and live like your intention is already a part of your life.

Happy Manifesting!!

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