Happy New Moon in Pisces - Get Ready to Welcome a New Astrological Year!

Happy New Moon in Pisces… And a truly happy one it is!

This New Moon is occurring at 23’03” Pisces at 5:21 am EST (adjust for your time zone).

This is such a beautiful New Moon as it is joined with Venus, the planet of earthly love and pleasure, and Neptune, the planet of Divine, unconditional love. The atmosphere is full of love, sensuality, relating to each other from our higher selves and surrendering our struggles to a Higher Power.

All New Moons are a time of setting new intentions for what we want to manifest in our lives, to set goals, and make plans usually for the next 30 days. However, this is Pisces. This is last month of the Astrological so essentially we need to be setting “New Year’s Resolutions” for the New Astrological year that will be beginning with the Spring Equinox when the Sun enters Aries at 5:37am on Saturday March 20th (that’s one week from now!).

Think back over the last year (I know, it’s been a doozy..) and look at how much you’ve changed and grown. Use all this love energy to see what’s been positive about the last year for you. Also take a look at and decide what’s not going to work for you moving forward into the new energies that are in the process of being birthed right now.

Because of the unique configuration of planets – they’re all occupying the Eastern side of the chart, and every planet is direct – this is a rare time when if we choose to, we can really set the ball in motion in our lives to make things happen for ourselves. We’ll be in this energy until about a week after the Spring Equinox so get clear on your goals with the New Moon, and begin to ramp up the actions you need to take with the First Quarter Moon in Cancer March 21st.

If you wish to ritualize this New Moon in Pisces, be sure to incorporate water as Pisces is a water sign. Sit by a calming body of water as you reflect or journal on what you want to manifest. Or you could soak your feet (Pisces rules the feet) in soothing Epsom salts as you do your reflection/ journaling. Put on some soft music while you meditate or visualize manifesting your goals and dreams into reality this year. Or, if you’re just not sure what you want to manifest, as sometimes Pisces energy can confuse, take a nap with the intention of inviting your guides to help you figure it out by dreaming about what you might manifest this year for your highest good. Divination tools and practices will work well here too, as Pisces rules our psychic faculties. Whatever resonates for you - happy manifesting!!

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