New Moon in Libra: Are you REACTING or RESPONDING?

The New Moon in Libra comes calling on Friday October 16, 2020 on the 24th degree. As always, the New Moon compels us to set our sights on new beginnings and intentions for the month, this time in the area of our relationships. The highest vibration of Libra is equality, balance, fairness, and objectivity in all circumstances. Libra can see all sides of a situation without getting emotionally attached to any certain outcome. However, Mars Retrograde in Aries is our ego – the part of us that takes everything personally, and then poutily says “Everything’s fine!” when it’s clearly not - is opposing or challenging the New Moon. There’s some restructuring and rebuilding of the ego that needs to be done here. The ego is not something to get rid of, but to create awareness around. Afterall, our (healthy) ego can aid us in setting boundaries, loving ourselves, and building resiliency to life’s challenges.

And then there’s Mercury tossing in his 2 cents on the matter – having just gone retrograde on October 13th - in Scorpio no less. Mercury is busy conjuring and calling up our shadows from the deep recessive abyss that we normally keep them hidden in until November . But that’s okay! How else can they be healed?? IT IS TIME. It’s no mistake that this is happening exactly this way.

To have awareness around our emotional reactivity and consciously practice this kind of healthy detachment and objectivity in our relationships is the evolution of emotional maturity – the strengthening of our consciousness, our “I am”ness that allows us to pause and respond to life’s situations instead of reacting immediately and emotionally. Venus, the ruler of this New Moon, is helping us out with this process as she travels through Virgo – the Queen of Process! Virgo looks at the details, discerns what’s not working, heals it, and then integrates it.

Some questions to ask yourself during this New Moon in Libra –

What are my triggers? What are the things that set me off, particularly with romantic partners but also in one on one relationships in general? When do I fly off the handle at people?

What sensations do I feel in my body when I am triggered or set off? How can I use them as a cue to pause before reacting?

What are some healthier ways of responding in these situations? How can I be more objective and try to consider the other person’s point of view?

Allow this New Moon in Libra to help you set beautiful new intentions for healing the shadows you need to heal, so that you can truly experience the peace, happiness, and joy that a balanced, fair, and reciprocal relationship can bring. If you enjoy ritual, ritualize this airy New Moon by writing, singing, or speaking these new intentions into being. Libra also loves the arts so dance out those intentions or paint them in harmonious colors and display your creation as a reminder of your focus for the month.

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