New Moon in Scorpio: The Phoenix Rises

The New Moon this month is in Scorpio just 7 minutes into the day on Sunday November 15th for those of us in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. If you’re on the West Coast, it occurs on Saturday the 14th at 9:07 pm.

New Moons are the time of the month where we set new intentions for the direction of our growth. With the New Moon in Scorpio, though, we may feel called to include in our new intention something that we need to release – something that would weigh us down or keep us from spreading our wings and rising.

This New Moon in Scorpio also happens to be making a very positive opportunistic connection to the planets in Capricorn – Jupiter, Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio and therefore also this moon) and Saturn – which have been busy all year tearing down existing structures in our lives. It is now time for the rebuilding process to begin! Mars has just turned direct at nearly the same time as this New Moon. In ancient Astrology before Pluto was discovered, Mars ruled Scorpio so we still consider him when applicable. We are now able to take action – albeit slowly as Mars builds speed for the next week or so and continues through his shadow until about January 3rd, 2021. Expect things to really take off for you in the new year!

The lower expression of Scorpio energy finds it easier to stay stagnant, to live in the status quo and not make waves in the murky water. This is not where you want to be! If you’re not growing and evolving, what are you doing?

Some questions to ask yourself during this New Moon in Scorpio –

What fears would prevent me from rising to my calling? What part of my identity/ego needs to die for me to be reborn into a higher version of myself?

Where in my life am I being called to step into my authority to help rebuild or create healthier foundations for myself and others?

Where in my life is the Universe challenging me to step up?

Open yourself up to receive the abundance that the Universe wants to bestow upon you when you live up to your highest potential and your soul’s purpose. Growing always requires us to do things that stretch your limits and sometimes fall outside of your comfort zone. Iyanla Vanzant says if you don’t have a little pee running down your leg, you’re not living big enough!!!!

If you enjoy ritual, ritualize this watery New Moon in Scorpio to set your new intentions by incorporating the water element. Take a shower or bath and visualize anything heavy or dark weighing you down being washed away and going down the drain. Journal on what fear has been holding you back. Thank that fear for trying to keep you safe and then release it with love and gratitude, knowing that is safe for you to be all that you can be. Visualize yourself as the great Phoenix, physically stand up and open your arms as if they were beautiful wings, lift and open your chest/heart chakra up to the Universe, and say to yourself or out loud with energy, “I confidently and passionately rise as the truest, highest version of myself, ready for the next step towards my destiny!”.

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