New Moon in Taurus: Seeding a New Paradigm

Happy New Moon in Taurus! This New Moon is happening Tuesday May 11th, 2021 at 2:59 pm EDT (adjust for your time zone) at 22 Taurus. To figure out what area of life this will specifically affect you, find the house in your natal chart that contains 22 Taurus.

As with all New Moons, we are being asked to set a new intention in this area of our lives, and this New Moon in Taurus is also the beginning of Eclipse season. Not only do you want to think 30 days ahead but also you want to project out about 6 months, to the time of the FULL Moon in Taurus in November (which will also be an Eclipse!). Taurus is the zodiac sign that rules our resources, money, and the skills and talents we use to gain or increase those resources. It’s what we value. Taurus is where we slow down from the Aries energy that we were previously in and listen to our body more. As a fixed sign, most people will call Taurus energy stubborn – as a Taurean myself, I prefer persistent and persevering. Taurus works hard to build and maintain, it plants the seeds and works to maintain the garden so that everything grows. Taurus also enjoys the luxuries, sensual pleasures, and financial abundance as the reward that hard work can bring.

Taurus also holds the energy of tradition - this has always been a loaded word for me. I grew up being aware that whenever that word was used toward me, it was being used to keep me in line, to make me behave in a certain way, in essence, to control me. And so I’ve always balked when I hear the word “tradition” because I know that I’m not the only one who has felt this oppression in relation to that word.

At the time of the New Moon, Taurus’s ruler Venus, having recently entered Gemini, is also approaching the North Node. Gemini holds our stories – the stories we hear, the stories we tell ourselves, the conditioning we’re subjected to by our family, our community, and our culture. This social conditioning, many times built on outdated ideas of tradition, is what we may be looking to set new intentions around, especially as it relates to our values, our resources, and how we gain those resources.

It could be that you’ve been taught ideas like, “you have to work 60 hours a week to make good money”. Or maybe “you can’t make money as an artist – that’s a hobby”. Perhaps you were conditioned to think “you need a college education to get a respectable, good paying job”. Whatever story was told to you or that you absorbed through family, social, or cultural conditioning, is up for reexamination and healing right now.

There’s an unconventional action or opportunity that can be taken advantage of here. What action can you take that feels outside the box, or like you’re stretching your comfort zone, or that others might look sideways at that when you feel into it, feels nurturing to you like self-care; because when you follow that, that’s where you’ll find the revelation. The new story that will take you into the future will unfold, the new belief or way of looking at the situation that will move you forward on your path.

Some questions to ask yourself during this lunation are:

What in your life, if you slow down and listen to your body or stop all the busy-ness and really listen to your intuition, is asking to be transformed right now?

What conditioning have you been building your life on that feels inauthentic to your heart? What are all the things you have been told you “should” do? Or the ways you “should” do them?

Where in your processes or structures can you FLOW on intuition instead of hustle on what your mind is telling you?

Think about the seeds you want to plant and the garden you want to toil in and see grow this year….metaphorically or literally speaking! Be aware, it may look different than anything you’ve experienced before – we’re coming out of an unprecedented time for all of us, and what we’re building now is something wholly and completely new. And with Venus, Mercury, & the North Node in Gemini, don’t be afraid to call on your tribe or community for support (or find a new tribe if that applies).

If you want to ritualize this earthy New Moon in Taurus, here are some ideas: Get out into nature. Move your body, smell all the smells, touch all the textures, incorporate good food! Do all these things in a mindful way and see what comes up for you. Take an assessment to figure out exactly what your values are/ in life. Write your new intention down on a small piece of paper, bury it in your garden or place in the soil in a pot and plant a seed or young plant over it. Nurture and nourish that seed/plant and watch it grow, knowing that you’re also taking action toward your intention and nurturing the manifestation of that intention in your life. Speak loving words to your seed/plant, your intention, and yourself as you participate in the building of a whole new paradigm!

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