New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer - Emotional Intelligence

Eclipses exert powerful cosmic forces that apply pressure to different areas of our lives depending on where in the zodiac they occur. They can accelerate our evolutionary growth by leaps and bounds by pushing the weak areas to their breaking point or tempering others like a blacksmith’s red-hot steel being plunged into cold water. This pressure and its consequences can be perceived by us as either negative or positive, but always serves a higher purpose.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse, the second eclipse of three in this mid-2020 season, occurs on the first degree of Cancer this Sunday June 21st, the day of the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. Cancer, a water sign, speaks to our inner-most feelings, what makes us feel safe and secure, the emotional bonds we form, our home, family/culture/tribe, childhood, and ancestral lineage. It is the archetypes of mother, nurturer, romantic, helper, devotee, counselor, and psychologist. Cancer energy initiates the activities and rituals that serve a family’s or community’s higher purpose and is adept at being able to hold a safe space for themselves and others to feel vulnerable and do the deep work. With Mercury retrograding in the same sign as this Cancer eclipse, and Venus retrograding in Mercury’s home of Gemini, there is a strong indication of how important and timely it is to review how we’re communicating within relationships and across neighboring families, communities, and cultures. Are we nurturing those bonds in a loving way, a way that promotes the growth of healthy, strong individuals and connections?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you apply these energies to your life:

What are some ways I can show up in life in a way that nurtures lovingly, compassionately, and responsibly that will benefit generations to come?

What actions can I take to provide a safe space for those around me to express their vulnerability?

How can I improve my communication skills to express myself in a more loving, compassionate way?

What would it feel like to live in a particular person’s skin and experience what they have experienced?

The answers to these questions start at home and radiate outward into public life. This is not all about what we’re seeing in the news with the virus and the protests, though that is definitely part of it. This needs to touch us at the individual level as well. Think of your children when you answer these questions, think of your spouse or partner, your neighbors, etc. Allow these cosmic eclipse energies to help you re-evaluate your emotional life and relationships to make positive changes that will nurture all involved.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is heralding a major new beginning, a time of enormous transformation for humanity. It is time to learn how to empathize with all sentient beings in order to begin to comprehend their experience. Only then can we truly initiate genuine and lasting social change for generations to come.

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