Full Blue Moon in Taurus: Take a Chance or Play it Safe???

The Full Moon in Taurus is the second full moon we get to experience this month and so it is called a Blue Moon. This lunation is occurring on the 9th degree of Taurus exactly conjunct Uranus, Saturday October 31st, 2020 at 10:49 am EDT (adjust for your time zone).

Full Moons always represent the culmination or the full blossoming of energies and so it is at this peak in our monthly journey that we ask ourselves, what has become burdensome, and if carried forward, would resign me to my fate? What is weighing on me? What must I put down, let go of, or release on my journey forward towards my destiny or calling?

One of the things the polarity of Scorpio versus Taurus encompasses is where we trust ourselves to take a risk for something we desire versus plodding along the same old comfortable - though not necessarily fulfilling – path. This Full Moon in Taurus though has a trick up its sleeve – Uranus! The Awakener, the Liberator, the one who shakes things up is occupying quiet, comfortable, stable Taurus in order to shake you out of your habitual routine because you can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result! How much sense does it make to get in your car and take the same route you do every day, but expect that today, you’ll end up at a different destination? No, it doesn’t work that way! You’ve got to find the courage to let go of what’s been keeping you small, make a different choice, and create new and better habits for yourself.

Some questions to ask yourself during this Full Moon in Taurus –

What fears or hurts are coming up in me right now that I need to face? Am I feeling powerless, voiceless somewhere in my life? Am I letting old stories still occupy space in my head and direct my life choices?

Where am I feeling called to do something more or bigger?

What small steps, even baby steps, can I take to change my habits and get me moving in the direction of my destiny? And how will I keep myself accountable for these new habits? (for example: set reminders in my phone or on my calendar)

Open yourself up to receive the inspiration and revelation that the Universe wants to bestow upon you to live up to your highest potential and your soul’s purpose. It may feel difficult, but rarely is the right thing to do equal to the easy thing….

If you enjoy ritual, ritualize this earthy Full Moon in Taurus to set your new intentions by working with your hands in some way that allows you to get quiet and receive a flash of intuition. Pottery comes to mind – and that even incorporates the water aspect of Scorpio. How about repotting some of your houseplants which you would then water? Sit in meditation next to a salt lamp (salt = Taurus, electricity = Uranus). Taurus rules the voice and Uranus rules community – a Halloween/Samhain Zoom chat with your besties or some other group you’re apart of could bring an inspiring revelation as well... Whatever resonates as powerful for you!

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