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60 minute Crystal Healing session to relax and rejuvenate you! Utilizing crystals, sage, essential oils, sound, and color therapy, we'll get that chi flowing and those chakras balanced to keep your body, mind, and spirit at its best! The 60 minute session is truly an in depth healing session perfect for deep relaxation, increased energy, or supplementing medical care! Offered at my location in Drumore, PA.

60 minute Crystal Healing Session

  • Crystal Healing uses natural minerals and gems such as quartz, amethyst, aventurine, etc. to encourage the flow of our life energy or Chi, clear and cleanse away negativity, and balance our chakras to keep our body, mind, and spirit operating at their best. The client remains clothed and lays on a massage table while the practitioner tests the chakras to check for imbalances, lays stones on each chakra, periodically retests and changes stones as needed. It is an extremely relaxing treatment as the client rests, listening to soothing music. 

  • See Terms and Conditions page on menu BEFORE purchasing.