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Distance Crystal Healing session to relax and rejuvenate you! Utilizing crystals, sage, essential oils, sound, and color therapy, we'll get that chi flowing and those chakras balanced to keep your body, mind, and spirit at its best! Crystal Healing surpasses time and space so you can stay home and receive healing! Great for people who may have a hard time traveling, are not mobile, or just want to stay in the comfort of your own home. We can make an appointment if you'd like to sit in meditation during the session, but it is not required. The session lasts 30 minutes. 

Crystal Healing Session - Distance

  • Crystal Healing uses natural minerals and gems such as quartz, amethyst, aventurine, etc. to encourage the flow of our life energy or Chi, clear and cleanse away negativity, and balance our chakras to keep our body, mind, and spirit operating at their best. The Distance session is performed exactly as the in person session would be, but the practitioner connects energetically. The practitioner tests the chakras to check for imbalances, lays stones on each chakra, periodically retests and changes stones as needed. 

  • See Terms and Conditions page on menu BEFORE purchasing.