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What is Tarot and Why Should I Have A Reading?

April 8, 2017

Ok, let's face it, Tarot reading is one of those things that the general public has certain ideas or notions about and they are most likely outdated or flat out wrong. Tarot has been featured in movies and TV shows and usually at a point in the story when the writers needed to predict death and disaster with the news being delivered by a mysterious Gypsy-type woman sitting in a dark room with a crystal ball on the table. For others who consider themselves religious, they might believe the Tarot to be something evil or from the Devil. It's really not as cheesy and definitely not as malevolent as all that. Let's talk about what Tarot really is and how it can help you in your life. First, just a few facts about it's history to give you a bit of background. 


In the past several decades, the Tarot has seen a significant increase in popularity and as a result, hundreds of books have been written, each one of them taking at least one chapter to outline the history of Tarot. As many of these authors have found in their research, the Tarot's history is vague at best, with much speculation as to how and why the Tarot came into existence. It seems the most authors believe the origin of the Tarot cards starts anywhere from the 12th to the 14th century with Egyptian playing cards. Like our playing cards today, they had four suits: Coins (Diamonds), Cups (Hearts), Swords (Spades), and Batons (Clubs), each headed by a King, Queen, Knight, and Knave. These 56 cards have endured as part of the Tarot deck and are referred to as the Minor Arcana. In the fifteenth century, the Italians developed the 22 pictorial keys or trumps that we call the Major Arcana based on the archetypal or general influences in our lives. However, it wasn't until about the 18th century that the term cartomancy was created and the cards were used for divinatory purposes. Over the past several centuries, the cards have continued to evolve with Christian, Kabbalist, numerology, astrology, color, and even animal symbolism being added. With the explosion in popularity in recent years, artists and authors have come together to create decks that would suit just about any eclectic fancy from paganism and witchcraft to fairies, dragons and Angels. It is through all of this imagery and symbolism that the Tarot speaks to us. 


Having a Tarot reading is as much about psychological insight and guidance as it is about divining the future and this is how most modern Tarotists approach readings. I won't say "gone are the days" of the mysterious Gypsy in the dark room with her crystal ball because if that's the experience you want, then I'm sure she is still out there somewhere. However, that's not me - nothing against those beautiful Gypsies who have trod this path before me! For me, the cards are just another way to communicate with my higher self, the consciousness of my soul that knows why I'm here and what my soul wanted to experience when I came to Earth and can therefore help guide me to the correct path when my ego mind sometimes gets in the way. I also feel that our divine guides  can use the cards to communicate messages to us as well. I see the process as being closely related to meditation and tapping into the universal consciousness. 


A Tarot reading with me might feel more like a counseling session or an in depth heart-to-heart with a trusted friend rather than going to a psychic. On that note, I am not a psychic or medium, I am intuitive and empathic. I use my intuition and my ability to feel others emotions to tap into the energies of the situation. When you come to me for a reading, I will ask you to tell me what you can about the situation on which you're looking for guidance. We can then come up with a specific question that will yield an empowering answer from the cards. I don't feel that telling you "such and such will definitely happen" gives you much power over the situation and one of the most important lessons I have learned in life is that we always have a choice and we have free will. I can tell you according to the cards that such and such will likely happen IF you continue on the path you are currently traveling. However, if you don't like the outcome that the cards have spelled out for you, it is possible that by making different choices or taking more control of your life, you can change that outcome. This is what I mean by "empowering". I want you to leave your Tarot reading with me feeling that you are the one who has the power to create the life you want. 


In the interest of empowering you, there are a few things on which I choose not to read. I do not do what is often referred to as "third party" readings. Examples of this are "Does he still love me?", "If I pursue her, will she fall in love with me?", "Will we have a long relationship?", "Is my husband/wife cheating on me?". We are all human and have had these thoughts/feelings before, however, as a professional Tarot reader, I consider reading on these types of questions a form of spying or invasion of someone's privacy and it often doesn't promote a feeling of empowerment. Instead, I would guide you to ask "What do I need to do to invite love into my life?", or "How can I be a better partner to make my relationship as healthy as possible?", or "What do I need to know about making my marriage stronger?". These are open-ended questions (not yes or no) that will yield helpful information on things YOU can do or actions you can take to help you create the kind of relationship you want in your life or whatever situation on which you're seeking guidance. Another quick example of rewording a question to be more empowering would be instead of "Will I find a job?", I would suggest that you reword that to "What do I need to know or do in order to invite the best job for me into my life?". You can see how the latter is different and would yield more useful information than the former.


Having a Tarot reading is an enlightening and empowering experience, whether in person or through email. Time and distance are but a human illusion as I believe that everything is connected so head on over to my Shop page and choose the level of reading you think best fits your situation or if you have any questions, please contact me at SoulSparkHG@gmail.com and I'd be happy to help. I can't wait to read for you!!




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