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My New Moon in Taurus Reading

April 26, 2017

The New Moon in Taurus is upon us! Time for intention setting and getting focused on my goals for the next month. I sat down with my cards this morning to get in tune with where I need to direct my energy now. If it is not already obvious, I am just starting my business and thought the New Moon spread could help me get organized and give me a heads up as to where I might run into some challenges during this new moon period in Taurus. Taurus represents the things in our life that we value, not only financially or materially but also our inner selves. How we use our possessions and/or gifts to make our way in the world is also covered under Taurus' realm. Read on to see what the cards had to say! (Picture of card layout is below. Deck used is Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan)




What intention do I need to set for my highest good this month?


The 4 of Cups (left) popped up in the first position, telling me that I need to recognize the opportunity being handed to me and take hold of it!!! This is validation and even a nudge to move faster about getting myself out there and doing the work that I know I was meant to do. Lately, I've felt a bit bogged down by the logistics of setting up the business end and haven't had much time for the good stuff! But I'm wrapping that up now and so this was the perfect message for me at this time. 


What energies support this intention?

The 9 of Cups is sometimes known as the "Wishes fulfilled" card. What better card to support my intention! There is plenty of abundance to go around and I need to share what I have and my gifts with others. I am being positively supported all around with this venture. 


What obstacle will challenge me?

With the 7 of Wands, I may encounter some opposition from people around me. I may feel the need to defend myself but I should stand my ground. I am doing what is right my highest good no matter what anyone else thinks. So even though I may encounter some opposition, as anyone is this type of business does, the universe is validating that I am doing what's right for me and have something worth offering to the world.


What resources do I need in order to cultivate this new intention?

What stood out to me on this card was the beautiful angel above the couples' heads on The Lovers card. The message I got from this is that I'll need to rely on my partnership with Spirit in cultivating my intention for the next month....and possibly, my husband's moral support will come in handy too!


What positive energy will emerge as a result of this new intention coming to fruition?

This is a biggie! The Death card, reversed. (Pictured below upright for ease of viewing.) One might think it somewhat ironic that this card would come up as representing something positive that will emerge, but trust me, it is. The Death card represents transformation, usually fairly major transformation in your life. It's the kind of transformation that you may be able to resist for a while, but not forever. Eventually, it WILL happen whether you like it or not. The good news is that it is always for your highest good, even if it happens to be a bit uncomfortable at first. Anyone who really knows me knows that I am very much an introvert. Owning a business and putting myself "out there" was never the direction in which I pictured myself moving. But in the past year, I have felt called to start putting my gifts and talents to good use. The world needs as much light and love as we can possibly put out so I have slowly started to welcome the transformation, just like the little boy in the card greeting death with a welcome bouquet, that I could feel coming and was resisting for a while. The transformation in my life is on its way, even if a bit delayed!



The Shadow card is the King of Wands. As a shadow card, the King of Wands tells me to not be nervous or question my ability to do this, be confident  in my creativity and skills and my ability to use them to help people. See below how comfortably and confidently he sits on his throne between his strong lions whose strength he can call upon at will? You can also see with the cards side by side that the young man in the 7 of Wands who is defending himself and standing his ground, has the same wand as the King, almost as if he is the young King and this is how he got to be in his position as King. 



Finally, the Associated Major for the reading, The Hanged Man, tells me the theme for this period is gaining a totally new perspective on life which works well as it is, chronologically, the card just before Death in the deck. The Hanged Man is preparing me even more for welcoming that wonderful transformation! 


In summary, the universe is telling me to get a move on and get myself out there to bring Reiki and Tarot to everyone I can! I am being fully supported by spirit in this endeavor and can absolutely handle any challenges that pop up. I open myself to this beautiful new perspective and transformation coming my way!


Interested in a reading? Head on over to my Shop page or if you have any questions at all about this post or my services, feel free to email me at SoulSparkHG@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!











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