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Soul Spark

A Mother's Day Reading for You

May 12, 2017



It is Mother's Day weekend here in the US and to honor all of the wonderful, hard-working, dedicated, sacrificing, and glue-that-keeps-the-family-together mothers out there, I have picked a bouquet of cards from the Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin just for YOU!!! 


I have used the Empress Spread for Mother's Day designed and created by the talented and insightful Sandra Geddes of Firerose Tarot, with her generous permission. (Much love and gratitude to you, Sandra!) Please follow the link and check out Sandra's beautiful page when you get a chance!!! 


The Empress spread addresses 1) What you need to birth at this time, 2) What is holding you back from releasing this, 3) Something your mother taught you about self-love (real mother or someone who was like a mother to you, can be Goddess/spiritual energy too), and 4) How can you better connect to your inner Goddess.


The first card we have is Judgement. Are you answering the call of the Universe or are you ignoring it?? What is it that you feel called to do in your life? Do you have an idea for an invention or a business but have not birthed it yet? Do you feel compelled to volunteer in your community or take a class at the local college? Or maybe you know you need to do something just for yourself, you just haven't quite committed to it. What in your life is calling to you, pulling at you? Perhaps you're the one with the trumpet calling others together to organize for a special reason! 




The second card represents your creative blocks or what is holding you back, and here we have the Ace of Wands. Are you afraid people won't understand your passion for this calling? Does it make you nervous for people to see you in this new way, this new light? Look at those sunbeams in the card. Don't be afraid of the spotlight! The third card, The Sun, what you're mother taught you about self-love, links to the sunbeams in the Ace and totally validates this. The Sun says don't be afraid to shine your light! Be yourself! Do whatever it is that makes you light up and fills your soul with warmth! At the very least, if you're like most moms and need just a few minutes of peace and quiet for yourself, take those few minutes to walk outside and feel the warm sun on your face! 



The fourth card, the 5 of Pentacles, is how you can connect to your inner Goddess. On those days where you feel run-down and like you just can't take anymore onto your already full plate, ask for help. You have the support you need close by. Have someone watch the kids for awhile and use that time to do something that boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence. Get your hair or nails done, have lunch or coffee with a supportive friend, or go to the gym and sweat out some of that stress!


What is that soul spark inside you trying to tell you? Listen to it! Make the time to follow your passions without justifying to anyone why, boldly shine your light, and don't be afraid to seek out or accept support when you need it. You are a vibrant, passionate and creative soul!!


I hope you have enjoyed your reading and that it spurs you to birth and cultivate those passions and most of all, to take care of yourself while you're taking care of everyone else! Truly wishing you all a beautiful and Happy Mother's Day! 


If you're interested in a reading, follow the link to go to my Shop page or if you have any questions, please email me at SoulSparkHG@gmail.com.














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