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Weekend Reading for July 1, 2017

June 30, 2017

This weekend's message comes via one of my absolute favorite decks, the Animal Totem Tarot by Robertson and Smith. Having such a deep love of animals, this deck just speaks to me so easily. I really love working with it. I also pulled some additional advice from another favorite, Farmer's Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides.  


The 10 of Swords looks gruesome, doesn't it??? Not to fear, the suit of Swords has to do with our thoughts, ideas, and what's going on with us mentally; and the number 10 in numerology is the pinnacle, peak, or completion of something. In this case, are you the kind of person who sometimes lets your thoughts run wild? Do you run through every scenario in your head before actually, if ever, taking any action? Are there things that you tell yourself that keep you from living up to your potential? Well, stop it already! You may be ready to finally stop listening to those thoughts that hold you back. Maybe they played an important role in your life at one time, but that time is over and now they're just annoying! King of Pentacles says you may have a few battle scars and perhaps it's the memories from those scars holding you back, but by grounding yourself in the present, you can master the material resources  you have at your disposal and come out on top!



Cheetah did not want you to think that being grounded means moving slowly!!! Cheetah sees what she wants and goes after it with her number one skill - SPEED! She wastes no time once she has her prey in her sights. Cheetah says, "Get clear on your intention, stay focused, and move quickly to achieve your goal". 


No more overthinking! Get grounded, utilize the resources at hand, and go after what you want!  


Have a great weekend!!!!


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