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New Moon and Eclipses!

July 21, 2017

We're heading into a month of energies that could be really intense! Prepare for it NOW by booking your New Moon reading. Here is a sample reading of what you could expect when you order your own New Moon reading .....


New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017 Reading by Jill Jablonski

Client: Sample

Date: July 20, 2017

Decks: The Witches’ Tarot by Dugan, Spirit de la Lune oracle deck


1. What intention do I need to set for my highest good this month?

7 of Pentacles: This month’s focus should be on patience, especially in regards to a financial endeavor or work project. You have put much effort into nurturing a project or your work and now need to give the fruit the time it needs to ripen and mature. This is not something that will yield overnight success or instant gratification, but you knew that when you sowed the seeds. Keep nurturing and tending to your project, but be patient and enjoy the process.



2. What energies support this intention?

The Page of Wands: This Page will have you being seen in a whole new light! Energetic and passionate is the way the Page of Wands approaches life. This energy and passion will help to nurture your intention. Let people know what you’re all about! Seeking out and spending time with like-minded people and networking will help you to spread the news. Look into different ways of advertising your work.


3. What obstacle will challenge me?

IX The Hermit: This is not the time to give in to the desire to pull away from your community for time alone and soul searching. Some time to yourself is not a bad thing and is in fact necessary at times, it’s just that you’re focus this month should be on the Page of Wands energy.


4. What resources do I need in order to cultivate this new intention?

2 of Wands:A little bit of discontent can motivate us sometimes but the trick is to not let that discontent be your focus. Seek out and focus your energy on those resources that will help you to build the skills and abilities that you want to offer to the world. Are there classes you can take, books you can read, mentors or more experienced people in the fields you’re passionate about you could look to for assistance?


5. What positive energy will emerge as a result of this new intention coming to fruition?

3 of Pentacles: Recognition in your field, a place or position of honor and respect is the outcome you can look forward to as a result of this new intention. Who doesn’t want that???


*Bonus Oracle reading: Because Grandmother Moon plays a starring role in this month’s cosmic theater, I chose the Spirit de la Lune oracle for this energy reading.


  • Harvest Moon, Gratitude:  I’ve often heard said, if the only prayer you pray is “Thank you”, that is enough. Make sure you are balancing giving with receiving this month and always remember to express your gratitude to the Universe for all of your blessings, especially in those times when things don’t seem to be going your way. Try not to judge.

  •  Scorpio:  Things could get intense this month with all this energy and you may find yourself dealing with your own as well as others’ shadow sides. Remember that these things come up in order to be healed. Express yourself in a healthy way and when others express themselves to you, try to listen with love and heal the situation. Don’t give in to feelings that call for revenge or tit-for-tat. 


  • Gemini:  Keeping an open mind this month will get you pretty far. If you’re feeling insecure or indecisive, let that be your clue to take more time with the decision. Get a good night’s sleep and see how you feel about it in the morning.



I hope you enjoyed the sample reading! Now let me help YOU navigate these New Moon/Eclipse energies! To book your own personal New Moon reading, click HERE or to browse all my services, go to my Shop page.














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