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Anyone Can Use a Pendulum!

December 8, 2017


Life is not easy. I don’t think I’m telling you anything you don’t already know there! Everyday, we are faced with decisions, and most of the time, we can quickly weigh the pros and cons of whatever situation we’re in and make a decision about what to do - like, should I pick up the groceries before I hit the gym or after? If I pick them up before, I won’t subject the general public to my post-workout appearance but the meats will have to sit in the truck for an hour while I get my workout on. Hmmm….fresh-faced public appearance or food poisoning? Sorry fellow grocery shoppers, I’m opting for NOT food poisoning!!! See how quickly I made that decision?! 


But sometimes, things just aren’t that cut and dry. Maybe it’s a decision between two things that seem equally good for you, but you’re just not sure which one is going to be the best decision for your highest good. Or maybe it’s as simple as “should I wear the red blouse or the blue blouse on my date tonight?”.   That’s when I pull out my pendulum! 


A pendulum is simply a weighted item at the end of a string or chain, which can be used to divine answers to questions, usually but not limited to yes or no. 


Pendulums are so amazing, sometimes I wonder how I made it through the beginning of my life without them. The first time I used a pendulum was when I was pregnant with my daughter. My mother had heard of this “trick” for determining the sex of the baby. She dropped her wedding ring onto a string and held it over my belly. Supposedly, if it swings in a circle, it’s a girl. If it swings in a straight line, it’s a boy. As my mother held the ring and string over my belly, it swung in a circle and I did indeed have a girl. My interest was peaked! I started doing research on this practice and now use pendulums regularly to make decisions in my personal and professional life. 


Pendulums can be as simple as my mother’s ring on a string or as ornate as you like with beautiful crystals and gems on pretty chains! It should be at least 6-7 inches long to allow it the freedom to swing easily. It can be longer, but any longer than about 10-12 inches is just not necessary and the extra length of the chain or string may get in your way or be cumbersome. Pictured left and below are my 3 pendulums. I have 2 shorter ones (left) that I use almost every day for questions and clarification. The longer one (below, draped over white owl) is the one I use in my crystal healing (certification and services coming soon!).












For healing purposes, I felt the longer chain was necessary but for my every day pendulums, the 6-7 inches is perfect. All 3 of my pendulums are from Ask Your Pendulum at askyourpendulum.com

and are made by Eva Joy Browning. They are absolutely the most beautiful and honest pendulums I have ever worked with! And they come to you blessed with Reiki! (Btw, I am not in any way affiliated with this company and receive no compensation for this. I just love to tell people when I find a really great product from an amazing company!!!) 


Once you’ve decided on a pendulum, can you just start using it right away??? Sure. But

some people prefer to do a cleansing ritual and/or dedication to make their intentions known to the Universe before they just start asking questions. This is of course completely up to you. Personally, I do cleanse and dedicate my pendulums, as I do all of my tools whether they’re new pendulums, crystals or Tarot/oracle decks. My personal ritual is simple: I light some sage and take a moment to quiet my mind. I then run my new tool through the smoke (see photo at left) as I say, “I cleanse, bless, and consecrate this (deck, stone, pendulum, etc) as a tool for healing purposes for anyone and everyone’s highest good”, repeating this 3 times as I channel Reiki at the same time. Again, this is just my personal ritual. You are free to use this as a starting point for yourself (it’s okay to borrow ideas and get inspiration from others but it’s always more powerful to change it up a little and really make it your own!). You are also free to skip the ritual and go straight to using your pendulum! Whatever feels right to you. 


When you’re ready to use your pendulum, the first thing you need to do is determine how your pendulum is going to communicate with you. Sit down in a chair and hold your pendulum at the end of the chain or string. As your elbows rest against your body for steadiness, make sure your pendulum is still. You may make it still with your other hand. Quiet your mind, closing your eyes if you wish, and say “Show me a ‘yes’ answer”. Give it some time to respond as you quietly concentrate on your request. Observe your pendulum’s swing - is it a clockwise circle? Is it a back and forth swing? Make a mental note that this is how your pendulum will communicate to you when the response to your query is a ‘yes’. Express your gratitude and still the pendulum again. Do the same thing for a ‘no’ response. It could be a counter clockwise circle, a side to side swing, or something else but  it should be different than your ‘yes’ swing. Make a mental note, express your gratitude, and still your pendulum. You may now wish to test your pendulum’s responses by asking simple questions that you know the answers to beyond a shadow of a doubt. My test question is usually “Is my name Jill?” or “My name is Jill.”. Some people prefer to make statements instead of asking questions and then let the pendulum determine if the statement is true (yes) or false (no) for you. I have done it both ways and have found either way to be acceptable. Again, this is up to what you find comfortable. Then I would ask “Is my name Bob?” or “My name is Bob.” to test for the ’no’ response.  


Once you have tested your pendulum, you are ready to go!!! Use it to figure out which sweater to wear today, should you have the kale or the baby spinach for lunch, would your cat prefer salmon or chicken treats. When you’re comfortable, branch out and use it to find lost items in your house by holding it over a floor plan (can be a quick, hand-drawn sketch!) and asking over each room, or help you figure out which grounding oil would be best for you. Line up a few choices with ample space between (see photo below) and see which one the pendulum swings towards. It doesn’t always have to be yes or no. Experiment with your pendulum. This little blog post is just the beginning! There are also books written on the subject and plenty of information on the internet. 

 Looks like Clary Sage today!


I encourage you to explore this area of simple divination. It’s the perfect way to get in touch with your inner knowing, add a tool to your tool bag, and validate and feel confident about the decisions you make on a daily basis. If you have any questions about pendulums or need clarification on what I've written here, please feel free to contact me through my Contact page!


To schedule a reading or Reiki session with me either in person or distance, follow the link to go to my Shop page or if you have any questions about my services, please email me at SoulSparkHG@gmail.com.


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