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Buckle Down and Get It Done!

January 18, 2018


So much Capricorn energy! During the New Moon in Capricorn Tuesday night, we had 6 planetary bodies all in Capricorn! That’s a lot of responsible and practical energy with which we’ve been bombarded! Pluto has been hanging out there since 2008, slowly transforming the structures we’ve built up around us whether we’re talking about our government, or structures we’ve built in our individual lives, but just recently, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn have joined in to make things feel more a lot more personal. You may have noticed lately that you have been feeling a bit restless or impatient to get something done, maybe more prone to taking a practical, driven, or ambitious approach to a project or goal that means a lot to you. The new moon at almost 27 degrees Capricorn has made it feel like we are running out of time and has given us a big push toward our intentions!


I consulted the cards from the Ostara Tarot about how we can best use all this Cappy energy at this time. The 2 of Swords, the 6 of Wands reversed, and The Tower came up. We’re on the right path, but we may need to take a few moments to ground ourselves, quiet our minds, and listen to our gut about how to move forward in a way that ensures success, because things cannot go on the way they are. If we take the right steps, we may actually see tangible results by the time of the Full Moon in Leo on January 31st , which will also be the second full moon of the month (commonly, incorrectly, referred to as a Blue Moon) and a Total Lunar Eclipse! (More about this in my upcoming post in the next couple of weeks!)


With the Moon, Venus, and Sun moving quickly into Aquarius within a couple days of each other, we’ll be able to see more clearly how our accomplishments in Capricorn will serve the greater good and our connection to higher consciousness while moving on to bigger and better things. These are exciting times, that’s for sure! 



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