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New Moon in Pisces, Healing with Chiron

March 16, 2018


Occurs March 17, 2018   @   9:11 am EST


The New Moon in Pisces this Saturday morning shares the spotlight with Chiron, the asteroid of healing.  The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol for 27 Pisces: “A Harvest Moon Illuminates the Sky” and Chiron at 29 Pisces is: “Light Breaking Into Many Colors As It Passes Through A Prism”. The imagery of 27 Pisces brings some full moon/culminating or ripening energy into this new moon which works so well with the analyzing or the breaking down of something into its parts energy of 29 Pisces: The time is ripe to reflect on what has been sown in order to reap and move forward with that which is for your highest good! The way these symbols work together at this moment is yet another example of how amazing our Universe is!



In order for you to get the most out of this new moon, it would be helpful to find Chiron (see symbol/glyph at left) in your chart and see what area of life he is affecting for you, the house and sign he is in, what other planets he touches, and where Pisces resides in your chart. If you need help with this, or want to explore this aspect of yourself more deeply, let me know. I will be glad to help.


Chiron has spent the last 7 years floating through Pisces. Jupiter currently retrograde in


Scorpio will help you to look back and reflect on what subconscious wounds may have been triggered for you in that time - a spotlight on any pain that brought about a deep healing for you and in turn may have brought you closer to your spirituality, or maybe an awakening to the truth that everything is connected and we are all one and how that principle reveals itself in your life. Consider this the emergence of a new and improved You - one who is not a victim, one who does not bury their head in the sand and wait for the problem to go away, and one who sets reasonable and healthy boundaries in their life for their highest good. As you unify and integrate these parts of yourself, remember to give each one unconditional love and nurturing as they have served a purpose in your life. Think of what you have learned and wish to activate as the vehicle that will take you forward on your path, scrubbed, polished and ready for the lessons Chiron will teach us as he deftly dances across the fiery coals of Aries. 



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