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Happy Spring Equinox and Ostara!

March 21, 2018


Happy Spring Equinox and Ostara! I know for those of us here on the East Coast of the Mid Atlantic US, it doesn’t look very much like Spring as we endure our fourth, yes, I said FOURTH, Nor’Easter in a month. I’m currently sitting at my desk looking out the window at whiteout conditions with about 8-10 inches on the ground. That’s partly why this post is a day late…I just haven’t been able to get into the mindset of Spring yet! However, I’m hoping we will finally get out from under this snowy weather pattern and Mother Nature will finally allow Spring to emerge! By the end of the week, I’m hoping to be able to celebrate the arrival of Spring and pay homage to Ostara, a Goddess of renewal, rebirth, fertility and abundance, in a variety of ways. I hope you will join me in spirit as I: 


*Get outside, plant some seeds, take a walk and reflect - I’d like to start some seeds soon and start prepping my gardens! Scientists have discovered that having your hands in the soil is an antidote to depression - but I thing most of us gardeners already knew that! I also love to walk my trails through the woods. As I walk, I will be reflecting on my connection to nature, as usual. It’s grounding and soothing and will help me to know what in my life right now- especially habits, thought patterns, behaviors - needs to be cleared out in order to birth other things and allow room for abundance.

*Speaking of clearing out, I will be doing some Spring cleaning! As the Sun moves into the fiery, initiating, and active sign of Aries, the time is perfect for clearing out any clutter and sweeping out stagnant energy; anything that no longer serves my highest good will have to go in order to make way for the abundant blessings headed my way!

*After I’ve cleaned, I will honor Ostara by making an altar for her and bringing some fresh flowers indoors - Daffodils, Violets, Irises, and Narcissus are especially significant this time of year. Some incense that are related to Ostara would be Jasmine, Rose, Strawberry and anything floral. Gemstones are Jasper, Moonstone, Aquamarine, and Rose Quartz. Any of these can be added to your Ostara altar to make it that much more special, or worn on your body for a really personal connection.

*Another way I will use these special Ostara stones and incense is during my Reiki meditation where I will be healing what comes up to be healed as always, opening myself to receiving messages of ways I can invite love and abundance into my life, and also to how I can spread that love and abundance out into the world. 

*This is the perfect time to pull some Tarot cards to see what messages can be brought through that way! And of course, I will be using my Ostara Tarot deck by Molly Applejohn, et al. 


If you have other ways of celebrating, I’d love to hear about them! Let me know what you traditionally do to celebrate this time of year by dropping me an email. In the meantime, enjoy your celebrations of the Spring Equinox and Ostara! I’ll see you when the snow melts!!! 




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