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New Moon in Aries - Change is Coming!

April 15, 2018


The Aries New Moon on April 15 at 9:57 EDT begins the new astrological calendar and is also conjunct (next to) Uranus, who is just a couple of degrees ahead and asteroid Eris, a couple of degrees behind. This new moon could get very, very interesting! Uranus can bring sudden, unexpected events and asteroid Eris has a tendency to be rather destructive. 


New Moons always ask us to form new goals for our lives for that month and in Aries, it’s about doing something for yourself. Have you been so focused on doing for others lately that you’ve been a little lax on your self-care routine? That ends now! Because if you don’t take hold of the reins and direct this change for yourself, Eris and Uranus will change things whether you want them to or not! And it won’t be pretty. 


At this same time, Mercury - also in Aries, who has been in retrograde the past several weeks, turns direct - as if to give you one more kick in the pants to move forward with a change! Perhaps you’ve been resisting this but will now see the light and get on board with it. 


Like Aries doesn’t have enough going on right now, asteroid Chiron joins the party two days later on April 17th. Chiron isn’t always a good time, but he does bring healing, and in Aries, brings a bit of warrior energy with him. The changes we make at this time may require a bit of bravery to face, especially if Uranus and Eris have had to destroy something to bring about those changes. Gallant Chiron is there to support us through it by lending us the courage to face it.

I pulled 3 Tarot cards for this New Moon in Aries - 8 of Swords reversed, King of Swords, and The World came up. The message being that if you can break free of whatever mindset has you feeling like a prisoner, master/change the thoughts and thought patterns that have ruled your life thus far, then you will have completed a major lesson in your life. 

NOTE: I wrote this post Thursday April 13th, the day before the bombings on Syria - sudden unexpected destruction. These events also give me a new perspective on the cards that came up. The King of Swords breaks free of his restraints and takes action on a global level. 



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