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Turn Inward with Neptune's Help

June 19, 2018

Summer is almost here!!! I can’t believe how quickly Spring went by! The Summer Solstice is this Thursday June 21st and just a few days before that on Monday June 18th, Neptune goes retrograde. 


Every year for about 5 months, Neptune turns around and begins his annual retrograde period. Now of course, this is a matter of perception - the planets don’t actually turn around and go backwards! From our viewpoint on Earth, the planet appears to slow down, stop momentarily, and then proceed to go backwards in it‘s travels around the Sun. However, even though it’s just a matter of perception, when a planet goes retrograde, it works on our psyche in a different way than it does when it is moving forward. Notice please that I didn’t say “bad”,  I said “different”. 


Most people have heard of Mercury retrograde in the context of all the horrible, disastrous things that can happen that will be sure to create chaos in our lives. It is true that we need to be extra aware of how we are communicating during this time and take care - as we always should - while traveling, but there’s no need to fear the retrograde. Retrogrades are all about RE words - it’s typically necessary to re-view, re-think, re-do et cetera things in those areas of our lives ruled by the planet in question during these periods. Retrograde periods also ask us to go more inward or re-treat inside ourselves, where forward motion generally has us acting outside of ourselves to affect our environment. 


Neptune rules Pisces and everything mystical and dreamy. Music, art, dreams, psychic impressions, and spirituality/transcending the self and becoming one with the whole are just some of the areas of our lives that fall under the deep, watery rulership of Neptune. If you’re a musician or poet for example, you may feel pulled to seclude yourself in some quiet remote place and get in touch with your feelings to write your next album or anthology, rather than the urge to be onstage performing. You may go through a few re-writes but that’s okay! If you’re typically a spiritual person but have found yourself pulled in 9 different directions lately and the first things to fall away were your meditation and journaling practices, this is the time to pick it back up. Pay attention to what is inspiring you and to your dreams - your night dreams, your daydreams, and dreams you have for your life. Perhaps start a journal for your dreams, or just for everyday feelings and to get back in touch with your inner self. Practice meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi. Book a Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tarot or Astrology session at this time to help facilitate or guide your self reflection… *wink, wink*nudge, nudge* Whatever vehicle you choose for this journey inward, these next few months are going to be all about less doing, more being. And with everything going on in the world, I think we all need some of that! 


Some crystal helpers for Neptune retrograde: 


Cavansite is a gorgeous, intensely blue crystal that will help support the pineal gland during this time and aid in psychic impressions or guidance as well as consciousness expansion. 



Smoky Quartz will help to keep you grounded when you have things to do and Neptune is encouraging you to daydream a bit too much!   






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