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New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse

July 12, 2018

The New Moon in Cancer/Solar Eclipse happens tonight at 10:47pm EDT at 20 degrees Cancer and officially ushers in this eclipse season. Check your natal chart (or contact me) to see exactly on what area of your life this eclipse will have an immediate effect. 


Eclipse season is a time of important change and growth in our lives as we integrate everything we have learned in the 6 months since the last eclipse season. Think about what you have been doing for the last 6 months. Where has your focus been? Did you accomplish the things you set out to do or did you get sidetracked by distractions, content in your invisibility? Are there goals sitting on your desk, gathering dust? Take a deep, deep breath and get really quiet for a moment. If you were going to be sincerely and deeply honest, how would you answer the question ’what REALLY kept me from accomplishing those tasks and goals?’ 


It’s going to seem like I’m momentarily charging off the rails here, but bear with me. I’m confident by the end of this post, you’ll get my drift. Children have been in the news a lot lately. I think it’s safe to say that MOST of us view children as precious, beloved, cherished. That’s why when 13 boys were trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand for over a week with no sign of their exact whereabouts, the whole world was in a panic. The media kept us constantly apprised as rescue divers and military teams were sent from all over the world in a desperate, and at long last successful, attempt to locate and save some of the dearest, most treasured members of our population, and bring them back to the surface where they belong.  


Keep this story in mind as we climb back on the rails to the astrology.


The sign of Cancer lives in the deepest, most hidden recesses of the natural chart. Called The Nadir, the lowest point or point directly below the observer, it is the most secret and subjective part of ourselves, hidden in dark recesses, ruled by emotion and expressed as reaction. This is where we find our nurturing side, the mother energy, full of compassion, vulnerability and sensitivity for ourselves as well as others. This is where this eclipse is asking us to go. Pull out your dusty old SCUBA gear because it is time to dive deep inside ourselves, get back in touch with and remind ourselves of what means the most to us, what is most precious and cherished, in the deepest caves of our soul. What is it that we need on a daily basis to feel secure and feed our spirit?



We have been getting some assistance in this deep dive as this lunation joins Neptune in Pisces (Spirit), Jupiter in Scorpio (Expansion) and the Sun in Cancer (our conscious identity) in the Grand Water Trine that has been with us most of this week. A stabilizing and security oriented  Grand Earth Trine is the safety line connecting us to Gaia, the Earth Mother, keeping us grounded through this exploration which is a life saver considering this lunation is opposed by Pluto, God of the Underworld, at 20 Capricorn. We are in the process of shattering the chains of social, familial, or even misguided personal expectations that have constrained us for far too long. The chains of fear, anxiety, and insecurity have shrouded our light and convinced us that the world didn’t need our special brand of luminescence. But that was a lie. The world does need it. The world needs each of us to shine our unique and loving light, not necessarily as the Sun overpowers and dominates the sky, but more like the stars that all work together to brighten the night in unison. Take back your power to shine by nurturing that within you that nurtures your spirit, your soul, your purpose for being here. We will ALL be better for it when you do!


          Moral of the story???…..Do not cage that which is most precious. 




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