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New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse

August 10, 2018


Here we are, at the 3rd  and last eclipse of this season! If you’ve made it this far, you’re in good shape because this upcoming New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse on August 11th at 5:57 am EDT will be a bit gentler than the Full Moon in Aquarius/Lunar Eclipse of July 27th. 


After diving deep in Cancer with the first eclipse of early July, the second eclipse 2 weeks later asked us to balance Leo expression with Aquarian humanitarianism to take what we found in our souls out into the world and do some good. Hopefully, you’ve taken the time to integrate these lessons and you and your community have benefited. 


Now we are being asked to again reflect back on ourselves just as the Moon will stand between the Earth and Sun and reflect his light right back to him. In this way, she becomes a mirror for consciousness and in an almost intervention-like fashion, Mercury - currently in Retrograde, and the asteroid Pallas take this stand with the Moon, supporting her bid to remind the Sun to check in with his emotions before continuing to charge forward through this August sky. 


 What does this mean for you? So as we are busy carrying out our good

works, we must always remember to check in with ourselves to make sure we are not sacrificing our own health for the good of everyone else. This New Moon is giving you a chance to reflect on the ways that you can “refill your cup” so that can continue to do your good works for others. Mercury is whispering in your ear to think about the things you enjoy doing as stress relievers, activities that make you feel joyful in a childlike manner that refresh you and fill that cup with self love. Pallas is giving you the wisdom to see that you need to recognize the importance of self care and the courage to claim this as your right. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. That is an old, outdated thought process that needs to be done away with and don’t allow anyone to tell you differently.


As Jupiter squares the New Moon and friends, he is taking you by the hand and pulling you off the stage for your own good. You’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else, meeting everyone else’s needs, perhaps you have children who are home from school and you’ve been shuttling them around from summer camps to friends houses, to the park, etc. No wonder you’re feeling the need to hide away for awhile, to get away from the hustle and bustle! Perhaps a retreat to a quiet cabin by a lake is what you need right now.  This is the perfect time for a last minute vacation before things kick back into gear for Autumn (here in the Northern hemisphere).  


Take some time as you’re sitting by that lake, or on the beach, or wherever you decide to take your self care vacay, and look back at what you’ve accomplished, review your goals for the rest of the year to see if they need tweaking, and then work in some continued self care. Let your family members know that you need this time to recharge in order to be at your best, and if you get some push-back, do not let it deter you. Lean on Pallas’ (peaceful) warrior princess energy to help you get your point across in a firm but unyielding manner and to keep your promises to yourself. You matter! 

~New Moon at 18’41” Leo, Pallas 17’06” Leo, Mercury Rx 14’41” Leo
~New Moon square Jupiter 14’48” Scorpio
~T Square Venus 4’29” Libra opposite Chiron 1’50” Aries, both square      Saturn 3’04” Capricorn

~New Moon Sabian Symbol for 19 Leo: A Houseboat Party Crowded with Revelers; The Water Reflects Its Lights

~Mercury Sabian Symbol for 15 Leo: A Street Pageant moving Along A Street Packed With People

~Jupiter Sabian Symbol for 15 Scorpio: Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand



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