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Words of love from powerful women who have worked with me.

"I was drawn to Jill's Healing the Wounded Empath program because of my struggles growing up as a highly sensitive, empathic person with parents who didn't value, or sometimes even tolerate, emotion. I was a people-pleaser, unsure of my own needs and afraid to set boundaries. Jill's program changed my world - through her coaching and teaching, and the support of the group as a whole, I felt validated and understood. I learned to honor myself and my feelings. I learned to communicate my needs in a clear and kind way. I learned that I am responsible for expressing my truth, not for what anyone else thinks or feels about my truth. I learned to be more authentically me, and that I'm worth taking up space in this world. 

Jill is an outstanding coach - compassionate, intuitive, and thoughtful. For those who are ready to go deeper in their journey toward wholeness, I highly recommend Jill and this program."

Carrie C.

“Working with Jill has been life changing for me. For years I repeated self sabotaging behaviors that held me back from any real sense of progress. Through this process Jill has provided me with realistic tools I will utilize to assist in my evolution for the rest of my life.
Jills wisdom and carefully cultivated tool box which have created her understanding of the universe (reiki, astrology, tarot etc...) illuminated the issues and restrictions in my life in a way I’ve never experienced before. Throughout this process I felt so heard, supported and inspired to be the magical being Jill always knew I was. If any part of you is contemplating work with Jill, listen to your gut you won’t regret it! .”

Emily R.

"My experience with Jill was nothing short of life changing. I came to her an insecure and anxious puddle of a being. Jill helped guide me in figuring out how to calm my mind and see the light through my past trauma. She empowered me through positive affirmations to show me that I am worthy! She gave me an insightful reading of my natal chart that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Not to mention, her reiki healing sessions. Such a healing and relaxing time!! I cannot thank Jill enough for her outpouring wisdom and kind heart!"

Reece C. S.

"Where to begin!  This work exceeded my expectations in what I was searching for.  It supported my journey to go in and look at myself in a non-judgemental way.

Feeling the support from you, no matter where my feelings took me. To give me a more rounded perspective on who I am, my thoughts and my feelings. 

Jill you gave us a safe, comfortable platform to share parts of us with no judgement. You validated our feelings and you shared your own. 

I learned I am on a good path, the right path for me. I am working on myself worth and to lean into and breath thru challenges that come my way, they will pass.  The epiphany about my Mom's narcistic traits have inspired me. Even, in its own way has made me feel closer to understanding her a little. Can't wait to read more about it. 

I learned a lot from W. and D. as well. For some reason our energies were meant to meet. I am very thankful for their sharing I will miss our Monday evenings .   

Keep doing what you're doing Jill you are giving gifts to people that come into your life.  Helping them not just move thru but understand their life journey." 

Bonnie B.

Rose Flower

"Working with Jill's been wonderful!  I was "stuck." Stuck making everyone else happy while I was miserable.  I just didn't see it that way.  I thought my purpose was to help, even at my own expense.  Jill helped me refocus from the forest, to the trees, and back to the forest again.  I'm much better at setting boundaries with people.  I've also forged a path forward where I get my experience and insights down for others to utilize at a later date.  I've even realized a dream, that was for me!!  I'm sure the rest of my dreams will follow, thanks to her tips and guidance!"

Lisa S.

I am forever grateful to have participated in the, 'Empath: Balanced & Thriving' Program created by Jill Jablonski. This program is for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into learning more about oneself, pulling back the layers, discovering and learning to accept and appreciate both our light/dark. I am not saying this process was easy, was difficult, painful at times. One must breakthrough the barriers in order to experience freedom. If you are willing to put in the work, Jill will guide you step by step with love and compassion. Providing you with tools along the way to help you thrive in all aspects of your life. This program has taught me, to love myself unconditionally just as I am... "Perfectly Imperfect".

Nikolina J.

"Jill is so authentic and empathetic and really knows the cards and atrology. Her intuition and knowledge is amazing. There is no fortune telling here, or you're going to win the lottery crap or have a baby BS. There is just truth and awareness of what is holding you back, how to fix it and what the results can be if you do the work. Jill has helped me see some things I needed to see that has helped bring me peace."  

Desoree C. B.


"Her (Jill's) ability to bring awareness and honesty and compassion to what was to come was so powerful. Jill is a fun loving down to earth person with beautiful gifts. She is passionate about her gifts and respect the spiritual world. Trust me if their is a goddess within that is ready to step boldly into your gifts. Jill is an amazing guide to get you there."

Stephanie D.

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