"Wow, where do I begin. Jill has a true and very powerful gift that combines many into one, the talents she has is from several upper realms that not many are endowed with or can access unless you are favored to use these gifts. Today I was taken on a spiritual quest that revealed so many hidden things that I needed answers to through reiki and tarot. Jill is very attentive and is very present with you and gives you her raw and honest truth and won't sugar coat anything, to me that's very rare and unique these days and is needed.

     If you are looking for pure honesty and your journey takes you to her door , just know there is a reason for everything and what you seek will be revealed to you. Thank you Jill for everything , I know our paths will cross again soon. Namaste my friend."

~J.F., Lancaster, PA

     "This was my first ever Reiki experience and I really felt relaxed and at peace during and afterwards. Typically after lying still and flat for a time I will get stiff and achey and have a tough time getting back into an upright position, but my body felt normal, not sore or inflamed at all. This was definitely an experience I will look forward to having again. "

~A.H., Bel Air, MD

     "The reading that i got from jill was right on. She has an amazing talent. I will be getting more readings from her in the future."

~C.R., York, PA

     "I had the pleasure of having Jill do a "General" reading for me as I went to her as doing a reading on myself had become too difficult. She was able to see and hear the channeling coming through that I could not. She was spot on with little to no real knowledge of my situation. I highly recommend her. Especially if you yourself are stuck on reading for yourself."

~S.D., York, PA

     "I had a 5 card reading with Jill that we did entirely over Messenger! I was blown away! Jill is a very gifted reader. Please don't hesitate to try a reading this way. Jill has a compassion and understanding that makes this experience very personalized. I will definitely be using Jill's services again!"

~L.R., York, PA

    "I could feel the pain just leaving my body!"

~B., Lancaster, PA

    "Amazing reading, Jill! I'm blown away!"

~L., York, PA

    "Just had the most amazing healing ! I feel relaxed and stress free !! If you’ve never done REIKI! Go get you some !!
THANK YOU Jill Jablonski!"

~R.H., PA

    "Both my son and I had an amazing and effective chakra treatment with Jill. She is professional, personable and very talented. I could actually feel the changes in my body as she worked ! I recommend her highly"

~R.L., Lancaster, PA

    "I was a first timer and didn't really know what to expect. I can say with certainty that it was an amazing experience. I will be going back! I just texted Jill to tell her that I think her healing came with caffeine, as the next day I am full of energy! My recommendation....try it, you'll be glad you did!"

~T.H., Lancaster, PA

    "Sometimes when life is not going in the direction you want the universe introduces you to someone that can help. I 
I was honored to have my cards read and an astrology consultation on current transits by Jill. She is truly gifted and easy to talk to. She offered me insight on my current situations as well as support and understanding. It was an amazing experience and i will definitely be using her services again."

~N.G., Howard County, MD

    "My session with Jill was relaxing, restoring and balancing.  She makes you feel comfortable and supported, like an old friend!   She  is thorough, professional and compassionate~"

~L.C., Lancaster, PA

    "Thank you so much ! I love my (Tarot) reading Again so on point. it has restarted my desire to move foward and let go. To be open and excepting of my true self. I am sure as I do this I will reach out again. Thank you for connecting and helping me navigate my direction."

~B.B., Pasadena, MD

    "Thank you again for the incredible Reiki session back in June after the Illuminate show . Your findings on my aggravated solar plexus has lead me to focus my meditations on it, and to research into holistic remedies for my hiatal hernia and irritated vagus nerves. I feel healing this will help me find balance and open fully to my universal truth."

~G.I., Lancaster, PA 

     "I met my fellow Certified Crystal Healer Jill Jablonski in June of 2018 and immediately knew I wanted to schedule an appointment with her . From the beautiful drive to and from her serene healing space in the country as well as the crystal healing session itself, my morning was just perfect. Jill's kind, caring spirit put me at ease and I quickly entered a deeply relaxing state. She is a gifted healer. And, as an added bonus, she shared an Astro reading that proved to be quite accurate for me. I left feeling recharged and rejuvenated, and I'll be re-booking with Jill soon for another tune up!"

~Denise VanBriggle, CCH from PA

     "Thank you so much (for the Astrology reading)! You continue to capture my new direction and encourage me to be patient. Thank you!"

B.B., Pasadena, MD

     "New to crystal healing this year but am amazed at how focused and balanced I feel after each session. Non invasive, intuitive and targeted to each individual’s, physical, mental and emotional well being. I highly recommend Jill...she’s the real deal!"

J.S., Northeast, MD

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