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About Me


My name is Jill Jablonski (Juh-BLAHN-skee ... see it's not that hard! ;) and I'm a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Shamanic Reiki Master, experienced & intuitive Astrologer, Tarot & Oracle reader.


I founded Soul Spark Healing & Guidance in 2017 and made it my mission  to support you in feeling empowered to embody and love your authentic self, step into your personal power, and deepen your connection to the Divine to make your dreams a reality and create a life full of joy.

When women become more empowered, abundant and prosperous in the world, they hold more power to affect change in the world. It’s my mission to nurture, educate, and support women to realize their dreams by helping them to break through emotional and energetic blocks to their empowerment and the embodiment of the highest version of themselves, to support them in working toward their potential, facing their shadows of insecurity, self-doubt, “not enough-ness”, and other patterns of people-pleasing and fear instilled in them from authority figures at a young age, to feel at peace amidst the chaos, nurture resilience, and feel safe within themselves. 

When one rises, we all rise, and I am here to lift you up, Sister! When we join forces, we can make the changes & anchor the light we want to bring into our lives & world faster than we could on our own! And this is the value of coaching. 

My Story

Hello beautiful soul, I’m so happy you’ve found your way here!


I’m Jill – soul medicine guide to extraordinary highly sensitive feminine leaders and high achievers who are passionate about their dreams and developing their creative power in this evolving world.


I’ve gone from building a seemingly successful but soul-sucking life on the principles of the toxic masculine to co-creating my most fulfilling life by embodying the balanced and collaborative energies of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine!


I spent much of my life overthinking and overanalyzing every decision, caught between what everyone else thought I SHOULD do and what my heart and soul DESIRED. Because I was brought up in a way that caused me to develop codependent survival skills such as people-pleasing and sacrificing my own needs for others, I constantly questioned my inner authority and was taught that my needs and desires were not important, that they were “silly” or “childish” or otherwise wrong.


For many years, I allowed the fears instilled in me by others to determine the direction of my life. Living in this perpetual state of anxiety left me in a constant pursuit of anything that felt like safety, security and stability – that is, until I realized that all I had to do was turn around and face those fears – shine a light on those shadows, parse out what was authentic truth versus conditioned lie, and then, in a most alchemical way, CREATE WITH them in order to free myself and answer the call of my soul.  I’ve been able to manifest my dreams and desires by reconnecting to the highest and deepest parts of myself, the Divine creative power of the Universe, and support other powerful women in doing the same! 

I’m designed to support deeply spiritual, highly sensitive, self-motivated women, empaths and lightworkers who want to live even more into your audacity and joy by making your dreams reality!


I support you in deepening the embodiment and integration of your truth and authenticity through practical and cosmic spiritual guidance that will open and expand you to your own divine creative power!


Click below for more on working with me! 

My Approach
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